Hamdok meets with police chiefs a day after the appointment of its new director

 Sudanese PM, Abdullah Hamdok, is meeting with police chiefs a day after the appointment of its new director.
 Khartoum: Altaghyeer
 SCM announced a meeting between the PM, Abdullah Hamdok, and leaders of police forces, at the Ministry of Interior headquarters in Khartoum.
 According to the council, the meeting scheduled for Monday, will include leaders and police officers with the rank of brigadier general and above.
 The meeting comes a day after the appointment of a new director of police to succeed the former director who was appointed Minister of Interior.
 Yesterday, Sunday, the PM appointed Khalid Mahdi Ibrahim al-Imam as Director General of Police Forces.
 This came after the former director Ezzedine al-Sheikh assumed the duties of the Ministry of Interior in the recent cabinet formation.
 The PM issued his decision based on the constitutional document provisions for the transitional period and the recommendation of the Minister of Interior to appoint al-Imam to this position.
 The decision also included the appointment of al-Sadig Ali Ibrahim Ali as deputy director general of police forces and inspector general.
 The decision directed the Ministries of Cabinet Affairs, Interior, Finance, Economic Planning, Labor, Administrative Reform and other concerned parties to take measures to implement it.
 Al- imam is considered the third director general of police forces to be appointed following the fall of al-Bashir regime in April 2019.
 In July last year, PM, Abdullah Hamdok, relieved the former Director General of the Police, Adel Mohamed Ahmed Bashair and appointed Ezzedine al-Sheikh in his place.
 The change in the highest position in the police force at the time came after widespread criticism of its performance and the rising demands of revolutionary forces for the necessity of a radical change in the police, especially leadership positions.
 According to 2008 law, the position of Director General of Police has wide powers and authority that have made the position of Minister of Interior more like an honorific.
 The law which was widely criticized at the time, was approved during the era of Omer al-Bashir.
 The TG is working on amendments to the law that would restore the full powers of the Minister of Interior over the police forces. With the aim of contributing to dismantling of empowerment within the police service and legalization of the return of arbitrarily dismissed officers.

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