Black Market is Shaking in Fear

News Headlines 23 Feb 2021

Akhbar Alyoum

–          Selling, buying and …

–          Confusion dominates parallel markets, and banks leverage resources of foreign currencies.


–          World Bank: unified exchange rate will contribute to Sudan’s debt relief.

–          Union of Sudanese Chambers of Commerce: flotation is a beginning to extract terminal cancer.


–          Leader in FFC reveals reasons for accelerating floatation decision.

–          Sudan calls to transform Renaissance Dam to a regional integration project.


–          Documents reveal new details on Wad Madani morgue issue.

–          Hamdok declares that the Internal Security Act will be passed soon.

–          FFC: challenges that face unified exchange rate are undisputed.

Tuesday’s Akhbar Alyoum claims that parallel exchange markets in Sudan have undergone confusion and restrain in procurement on Monday, only one day after the transitional government announced the unification of the exchange rate.

Assayha says that banking resources confirmed the high trading volume of foreign currencies, a day after unified exchange rate decisions were made in the official and parallel market.

The paper also reports that the World Bank welcomed the government decision to unify the national currency exchange rate; adding that World Bank CEO, David Malpass stated that this step will contribute to settle arrears owed to the World Bank.

Al-Tayar picks up that Sudan urged to transform Renaissance Dam to a platform for cooperation between the eastern basin countries, and called for reconsidering the regional investments on the Nile Basin.

Al-Hadatha reports that PM Hamdok, revealed that Internal Security Act is being closer to be passed, and pointed out that it has gone a long way.

The paper got documents indicating that Wad Madani Morgue administration had notified various authorities, including the Ministry of Health, and demanded to address the prosecution to permit the burial of unidentified corpses.

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