Due to Covid19 the Trial Sessions of the 1989 coup Plotters is Postponed

The infection of one of the defendants in the trial of the June 30 coup plotters led to the postponement of the trial sessions for two weeks.
 Khartoum: Altaghyeer
on Tuesday, The court judge of 30 June 1989 coup plotters decided to adjourn the court sessions to next March 9, after announcing that one of the accused was infected with Covid19.
Al-Bashir and 27 of his collaborators are under trial for overthrowing the regime of the elected prime minister, Sadiq al-Mahdi in 1989.
 The court received a medical statement from Royal Care Hospital in Khartoum stating that Nafie Ali Nafie was infected with Covid19.
 The court adjourned the session until the completion of the two-week isolation period.
 The defense authority objects to the conditions of detention of the defendants while the authorities confirm that all safety measures are provided for them. The penalties in the case upon conviction, reach the death penalty.
Meanwhile, the judge of the court decided to limit the attendance of the sessions to the court staff, the accused and the counsels, starting from the next session.
 The judge attributed his decisions to restore calm to the sessions, following the clamor emanating from the relatives and supporters of the accused.
 The court set next March 9 as the date for the new session.
The court judge, Isam al-Din Mohamed Ibrahim had previously announced his resignation from continuing to pursue the case for health reasons.
 Ibrahim said he suffers from high blood pressure and other diseases that cannot bear temper. Chancellor of Justice Nemat Mohamed said that she agreed due to his strong determination to leave the case.
 Al-Bashir, with the help of IFO, overthrew the constitutional system of 1986-1989.
 In more than one meeting, al-Bashir refused to apologize for the coup crime, and said that they had received power in order to save the country from disintegration.
 Bakri Hassan Salih, Ali Osman Taha, Nafe Ali Nafe, and Youssef Abdel Fattah are subject to trial with Al-Bashir.
 The trial is represented by a number of leaders of the PCP, headed by Ali al-Hajj Mohamed and Ibrahim al-Senussi.
 A division took place between the Islamists in 1999, which divided them into two entities, one led by al-Bashir and the second led by the godfather of the Islamic movement, Hassan al-Turabi.
 Before his death, al-Turabi participated in the activities of the National Dialogue Conference called for by al-Bashir, and his party participated in power until the fall of the regime in April 2019.

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