The TSC Civilian Component Denies its Relationship with the Release of Oktay

The civilian component of the Transitional Sovereignty Council evades the responsibility of releasing the Turkish businessman  Oktay Sha’ban.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The civilian component of the Transitional Sovereignty Council denied any knowledge of the release of the Turkish suspect, Oktay Shaban.
 The denial came following what social media reported in this regard.
 On Tuesday According to SUNA, members of the civilian component said that TSC did not discuss the issue within its agenda in any meeting and it did not decide on the matter.
 The statement said that the bodies that issued this decision must assume their responsibilities without involving the sovereign council in this matter.
 EEA-C, FRC rapporteur, Salah Manna accused the Public Prosecutor and sovereign bodies of interfering to release Widad Babiker  and the Turkish accused Oktay.
 Manaa said at a seminar organized by UOFK Engineers Association via Zoom app that TSC chairman and his deputy objected to the investigation of the ousted president’s wife.
 Manaa participated in the seminar with Wagdi Salih and moderated by Hisham Wad gliba. He said that the Attorney General informed them of TSC chairman’s decision to release Oktay.
Meanwhile, the resignation of EEA-C, FRC head Yasir al-Atta, raised many questions about the fate of the committee and whether it will be dissolved, especially with the Corruption Commission Law approaching.
 In press statements, al-Atta attributed the reasons for his resignation to the continuous criticism of the law and the methodology of the committee’s work from all levels of government and most of FFC components.
According to local media, al-Atta referred to what he described as the constant tension between the committee and the rest of the state institutions in the media.
 He said that the failure of the Appeals Committee to start its work delayed the work of the Committee and hampered the justice cycle.

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