The Launch of “Thamarat” Program and Eritrea Takes Sudan’s Side

News Headlines 25 Feb 2021

Akhbar Alyoum

  • Ali Othman & Ahmed Haroun refuse to respond to prosecutor’s investigation about Sit-in dispersal attempts.
  •  A tour of the banks by several ministers to observe new proceedings.


  • Afwerki: we understand Sudan to expand sovereignty over its territories.
  • Ethiopia calls its refugees to return from Sudan
  • SLFA led by al-Tahir Hajar, arrives to Khartoum today.


  • Jibreil: 50% of state budget to Development, Education, Health and Peace.
  • Afwerki: Eretria is not part of the border tensions between Sudan & Ethiopia.
  • General Transportation Company announces return to work on all lines.


  • Hiba M. Ali: we did not receive any relief plan from FFC.
  • Upcoming visit by Hamdok to Gezira Scheme on March.


  • Arrest warrant against a Bank manager.
  • The prosecution is investigating Ahmed Haroun & Ali Othman on Sit-in dispersal.

Assayha says that the Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki, expressed his concern the border issue between Sudan and Ethiopia, and confirmed Eritrea’s understanding that Sudan has the right to expand sovereignty over its territories.

The paper also reports that Ethiopian foreign minister, Gedu Andargachew, called on Tigray region refugees who had fled the war to return to Ethiopia.

Sudan Liberation Forced Alliance (SLFA), led by member of sovereignty council, al-Tahir Hajar, arrived to Khartoum, and was met by Military Region Commander, Gen. HIsham Kerendy, and Deputy of Chief of Defense Staff, according to Assayha.

Al-Tayar picks up that the transitional government has launched yesterday, Wednesday, “Thamarat” program involving donors to alleviate the recent painful economic policies and revealed the support methods for poor households.

The paper also says that General Transportation Company in Khartoum has announced devaluation of tickets for students down to SDG20, and confirmed its commitment to SDG50 tariff for all lines in Khartoum.

Al-Hadatha reports that former Minister, Hiba M. Ali, denied receiving a relief plan form Forces for Freedom Change alliance, and confirmed that talking about relief plan was theoretically.

It also reports that Insight sources revealed an upcoming visit of PM Abdalla Hamdok, to Gezira Scheme next March.

Al-Mawakib picks up that Public Prosecution has issued an arrest warrant against Director of Human Resources Management, Sudanese Aricutural Bank.

The Public Prosecution revealed yesterday that former regime leader, Ali Othman, and former National Congress Party chairman, Ahmed Haroun in criminal proceedings against them for terrorist criminal organization, and articles 5 and 6 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, adding that both of them refused to make statements.

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