The Covid19 Support Tripped and Transactions are Smoothly Flowing

News Headlines, 28 Feb 2021

Akhbar Alyoum

  • Akhbar Alyoum voices alarm, and warns against currency traders’ exploitation of WhatsApp groups.
  • Akhbar Alyoum publishes the government plan for this year.


  • 24 inducements for the Sudanese working abroad.
  • Satti confirms financial transactions flow with the U.S.
  • Al-Fakhir Co. sues Abdulhai Yousif.


  • New information about surrendering the deposed president to the ICC.
  • Adib: Haroun and Taha will be investigated.
  • Chambers of Industries: 23 pharmaceutical plants stopped sales.


  • Mismanagement result in freezing donation for the Health ministry.
  • FFC: only 8 states submitted their candidates for the Legislative Council.


  • 3550 military and civilian personnel have been investigated on Sit-in dispersal.


News Brief

Akhbar Alyoum reports that Minister of Culture and Information, and Spokesperson for the Government, Hamza Balol, has presented yesterday at Sudan News Agency (SUNA) a press conference on the results of the recent cabinet meetings held at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies.

Assayha says Secretary-General of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA), Makeen H. Teirab, has revealed 24 inducements for those working abroad, and noted that the Diaspora are the chief beneficiaries of the exchange-rate unification decision.

The Sudanese Ambassador to the United States, Noureldin Sati, confirmed the financial transactions flow between Sudan and the U.S., according to Assayha.

The paper also reports that al-Fakhir Company commenced suing preacher Abduhay Yousif, on the charge of making false statement on a TV show, accusing the company of involvement of corruption.

Al-Tayar claims that reliable sources at the Public Prosecution revealed exact details on International Criminal Court (ICC) issue.

Sudanese Chambers of Industries Association revealed that all pharmaceutical plants stopped sales claiming price adjustment by the National Council for Drugs and Poisons following the currency flotation.

Al-Hadatha picks up that Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has put on hold the Health system strengthening project donation, and prohibited the ministry from disposing on the last donation.

Sources at the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) nominating committee revealed that obstacles face Legislative Council formation, most notably, states and resistance committees’ representation, as reported by al-Hadatha.

Al-Mawakib says the investigation commission of the 3 June Khartoum massacre revealed that investigations showed inconsistent indicators, and noted that they are awaiting external substantive support.

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