Al-Burhan Meets with Al-Hilo in Juba

NewsHeadlines 4 March 2021

Al-Mawakib reports an informed source who disclosed that member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), leader of the Gathering of the Sudan Liberation Forces (GSLF), Al-Tahir Hajar, had been placed under house arrest by his military command during a visit he paid in the past few days to his forces HQ along the Sudanese-Chadian borders, preventing him from returning to Khartoum before releasing him later. Hajar was accused of disregard to his military command, unilateral decision-making and nepotism – promoting relatives to fill leadership positions without consultation.

The paper also reports renewed fighting taking place in SouthDarfur yesterday, Wednesday between the Fallata and Masalittribes near the town of Gireida, 85 kilometers south of Nyala, leaving 11 dead and 36 injured.

Al-Tayar reports sources as expecting Cabinet to discuss recent statements by the foreign minister said in a press conference during her visit to Cairo. The statements, have sparked wide-scale controversy and faced wide, severe criticism. The informed sources claim that Cabinet discussion comes in the pretext of reducing statements said in personal capacity and to mitigate expression of ‘personal’ viewpoints by incumbents of sensitive posts.

The Directorate of Plant Protection warned of invasion by swarms of desert locust threatening River Nile, Northern and Kassala states, as reported by al-Tayar. While confirming adequate human resource and equipment to confront the expected attack, officials revert reasons of attack to lack of pesticides and weak combat from Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Assayha reports that Ambassador Robert van den Dool, head of EU Delegation to Sudan, considered Sudan’s security very important for the EU, as it has a direct impact on the Horn of Africa, the red sea, North Africa and the Middle East, hencedirectly influencing the peace and security of 27 EU member States.

The minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. YassirAbbas, reaffirmed the need to reach a legally binding agreement on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) before July; stressing that Sudan would be affected severely by Ethiopia’s decision to fill the Dam without sufficient information provided, as reported by the paper.

Al-Hadatha reports that the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, and Abdul-Aziz al-Hilu, leader of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North(SPLM-N) met Wednesday in Juba. According to a statement by SPLM-N Secretary-General, head of negotiating delegation, Amar Amun, the meeting comes in the pretext of breaking the deadlock and moving the inter-Sudanese stalled negotiations process since August 2020.

Al-Hadatha also reports that the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Jibril Ibrahim, asserted the State interest and concern to address seaports issues, and upgrade the seaports to attract as much of the African trade though Sudan.

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