Issues Pertaining to the Sudanese Women to be Heard by Volker Perthes

Today, Wednesday, UN Women held a meeting comprising women rights activists from various feminist and human rights groups, as well as diverse feminist representations across the country.

Khartoum, Altaghyeer

The preparatory meeting included active groups representatives focused on women’s issues at the headquarters of the United Nations for Women, in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Representatives from the United Nations Integrated Mission to Support the Transition in Sudan (UNITAMS) participated in the meeting, Ahmed al-Badawi, the political affairs officer and the mission’s gender advisor, Christine Shaheen.

Shaheen confirmed the mission’s commitment to women’s issues as one top priority, that UNITAMS will spare no effort to incorporate and implement women’s agenda in the transitional government and make certain of the transitional government’s fulfilment of women’s demands.

Christina Shaheen


The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on goals, issues and common demands that will be presented tomorrow Thursday to the head of mission, Volker Perthes.

Dr. Magda Al-Senussi facilitated the brainstorming session, enriching discussions with her vast experience in the field of women’s issues, as she held the position of principal gender advisor in the United Nations Mission in Libya following the Libyan revolution.

Dr. Magda Alsanosi

During Bashir’s rule, the Sudanese women have suffered various forms of discrimination and oppression; feminist groups around the country fight to ameliorate the status of women’s participation politically and economically; as yet it does not seem that much progress has been made. However, the Sudanese women are also fighting to make progress in the field of legislation, especially the personal status law.

Established last year by virtue of UNSC’s resolution 2524, UNITMAS mission was launched last January for a period of 12 months as an initial phase to which the United Nations has allocated $34m. However, it hasn’t been active till the arrival of its director to the country, last February.

With its 269 employees distributed in eight regional offices besides its Khartoum HQs, UNITMAS mandate would be to assist Sudan in the process of transition to democratic governance, implementation of the peace building process, and mobilization of international resources to help Sudan grow economically.

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