Sisi in Khartoum

Al Taghyeer, 6 March 2021

Assayha’s second page earmarks the closed summit held between Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) and the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah es-Sisi, who arrived in Khartoum this morning. A joint discussion session will follow the closed meeting, which is expected to deliberate on issues of common concern influencing the bilateral relations, particularly, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Assayha also publishes a report on the deaths of 20 young people who perished as a goldmine collapsed last Sunday in Wadi Hafla, Northern State.

The front page of Akhbar Al-Youm reported a press conference held by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Corporation (SMRC) on Friday at the company’s headquarters in Arkawit, where the general manager of the company, Mubarak Ardoul, condemned the leaks on social media platforms by what they called insiders. Warning them against legal procedures, while praising employees’ patience, they point to their indisputable patriotic love as they generate billions for the treasury while still being poorly paid. He also announced the operation of two trains for the River Nile State next Sunday, at a cost of $ 7 million, as part of the company’s social commitment.

The early warning unit at Khartoum state ministry of health warns of a 3rd wave of coronavirus hitting most of the countries worldwide, and underlines the need to commit to health measures in order to mitigate risk and avoid increase in coronavirus cases, as stated in Akhbar Alyoum.

Al-Hadatha reports the board running Khartoum company for inter-state bus terminal has closed on Friday all terminal doors to the public, causing confusion and suffering among passengers who use the terminal for travels. Representatives of resistance committees in the area stated the decision comes to pressure the government so that entrance fees would be repriced.

The paper also reports that the steering committee of medical laboratories association has announced escalation, calling on its membership across the states to support strike of Khartoum medical laboratory specialists both in hospitals and primary health centers. The steering committee also called upon its members to perform what it called ‘professional demands processions’ to take place across the country until the government succumbs to their demands of providing conducive work environment.

Al-Mawakib says the ministry of energy and mining revealed that foreign corporations desirous to work in the country are embarking upon studying investment opportunities, exploring potentials and examining the ability to access oil and gas industry in Sudan. This was disclosed during Sudan’s participation in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) conference which concluded Tuesday.

The paper also reports a center for human rights calling for ending the state of emergency in conflict areas, following arrests of civilians, including children, by security authorities in the Blue Nile state.

Al-Tayar reports that Sudan Doctors’ Central Committee of (CCSD) in Wad Madani announced a strike with effect after tomorrow, Monday, in all Wad Madani hospitals, following the unfortunate incident of aggression that took place against 4 doctors by a patient escorts which caused serious injuries, including one that may cost one of the doctors his eye. 


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