Today’s News Headlines

Police arrest murderers of medical labs students at Omdurman Islamic University and SLM/A Chief, Abdulwahid Arrives in Juba with a proposition


– OIU student murderers under arrest
– Assayha discloses names of new Governors
– Finance minister inaugurates wheat harvest in the northern state, unveils foreign investments soon entering
– West Darfur Governor: Arms collection campaign failed
– Chambers Union: Work in factories likely to stop due to over-taxing
– Three charges against ex Vice President Kibir crossed out for lack of evidence

Al Jareeda:

– Police arrests OIU student murderers, students inscribe slogans calling for Qissas in the car of higher education minister

Assudanid Dawliya:

– Finance minister: Ministry ready to purchase locally produced wheat to encourage national production
– Abdul Wahid in Juba to propose inter-Sudanese dialogue
– PM addresses international partners on the Ethiopian GERD issue
– University of Khartoum revokes higher degrees previously granted to Bashir’s brother


– Investment minister: We cannot participate in ParisEconomic Conference before formation of legislature
– Informed Sources to at-Tayyar: Manager of at-Tadamon Bank rearrested
– Finance minister announces entering of substantial Saudi investments in the country

– Agriculture ministry: Large swarms of desert locust and birds threaten the country’s eastern part


– Consultations between FFC leaders and Islamists underway on power participation
– Secret talks between government and SPLM-North in Khartoum and Abdul Wahid arrives in Juba
– Recently released Sheikh Musa Hilal: ‘Let bygones be bygones’
– Department of criminal evidence proves communicationsbetween activist Ahmed Ed-Dey and former chief spy, Gosh
– West Darfur Governor reveals new info about al-Geneina incidents


– Customs’ dollar hikes to SDG 20, and 40% for vehicles
– Bank account run by A. Basit Hamza revealed with transactions in billion dollars between Sudan Telecommunications (Sudatel) and the Military IndustryCorporation

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