Sudan’s speech to joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) was based on the transitional government’s programme of economic and social reform and the unification exchange rate.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Chair to Working Party on Sudan’s accession to the WTO, Katsuru NAGAI, presented a road map for Sudan’s accession procedures to the WTO.

Measures include Sudan’s categorical commitment to WTO’s rules based on transparency, non-discrimination and treatment in world trade.

On Wednesday, Japan chaired a meeting of the Working Party for Sudan’s accession to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, chaired by the deputy Secretary-General of the organization, Alan Wolf.

Alan Wolf welcomed Sudan’s efforts to speed up accession, while expressing the organization’s full support for Sudan’s economic reforms.

At the meeting, it was announced that a round table conference for donors would be held on March 29. Appointment of the Working Party shall be from the organization’s secretariat before the donors conference.

The Sudanese Minister of Trade and Supply and the national negotiator, Ali Jeddo Adam, headed the Sudanese delegation, participating via video conference from Khartoum.

Sudan’s speech, presented by the Minister of Trade and Supply, was based on the transitional government’s program guided by economic and social reform and the unification of the exchange rate.

In addition to enacting encouraging investment laws, reforming institutions and systems, to attract global capital, achieving openness, liberalizing trade, and setting clear policies.

These reforms are aimed at encouraging local production and taking advantage of Sudan’s enormous potential by making optimal use of resources.

In addition to restoring Sudan’s relations with international organizations and bodies, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and the integration into regional and international African sphere.

The Sudanese minister affirmed that the documents of joining the World Trade Organization had been completed by updating Sudan’s offer of goods and services.

He also expressed the Government of Sudan’s appreciation for the efforts of the WTO’s Secretariat in providing technical support and creating a climate conducive for conducting negotiations in a way that serves Sudan’s interests to integrate into regional, continental and global blocs.

For its part, the United States commended the efforts of the Government of Sudan in achieving peace and render economic reforms, announcing full support to Sudan in achieving sustainable development in coordination with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

In addition to its full support for Sudan’s accession to the World Trade Organization.Yes

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