SUDAN: Sovereign Council Receives Proposal to Reinstate Federal Governance

A competent committee said the move comes following the incorporation of a number of significant remarks in the proposal recommending regional system of governance in Sudan.

Khartoum: Altghyeer

The committee preparing for Sudan’s regional governance conference unveiled presenting a proposal for the governance system to the Sovereign Council today, Thursday.

The committee held a meeting on Wednesday chaired by Transitional Sovereignty Council’s member, Mohamed Hassan Et-Ta’ayshi, attended by the Federal Government Minister, Professor Buthaina Ibrahim Dinar.

Third and last meeting of the committee concerned with developing a special vision for the Regional Governance Conference in Sudan had reviewed in detail a comprehensive vision of the conference.

Return to regional system of government was one of the stipulations of the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan.

In a press statement following the meeting, committee member, Ahmed Tugud Lissan, said the committee’s proposition would be presented on Thursday.

He went on saying that the perception of the regional system of governance in Sudan had contained the main objectives of the conference.

This included the need for regional administrative redivision; different structures and levels of government; and powers and competences of each region, to enable State restructure so as to reduce political and constitutional spending, promote development, implement the peace agreement and succeed in forging smooth political transition.

Lissan pointed out that the committee’s proposition included the structure of the conference, including holding technical workshops and naming participants alongside a proposal for the conference’s themes.

The constitutional decree provided for the application of the federal regional system of government following the convening of the Sudan Ese Governance Conference, which defines the regions.

He noted that the committee meeting had set the time required to complete arrangements associated with the work of the Conference, its issues and its technical committees, in addition to preparation of scientific papers and budget.


In early March, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah alBurhan issued a constitutional decree establishing federal regional system of government in Sudan.

The constitutional decree on the application of the federal regional system of government following the convening of the Conference of the Regime of Government in Sudan, which defines the regions.

This should include determination of number, demarcation of borders, definition of structures and competences, vesting of powers, levels of governance and administration, not in conflict with the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan.

The constitutional decree called on all competent authorities to put it into effect.

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