Power outages cause poor water supply in Sudanese capital neighborhoods

The Khartoum State Water Corporation attributed the scarcity and lack of water supply in a number of the state’s districts and neighborhoods to power cuts.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The director general of the Khartoum State Water Corporation, Mamoun Awad Hassan, said lengthy power cuts directly affect Nile plants and underground wells located in residential areas for periods (more than 10 hours during the day).

Hassan said in a press release on Wednesday that a number of neighborhoods in West Geraif area were affected by electricity shortages, which led to the suspension of underground wells.

He pointed out that a power outage at Burri water station on Tuesday, for more than five hours, which led to a shortage of supplies.

The Corporation’s director revealed lack of water supply in al-Azhari squares, Edd Hissein, Kalakala al-Qubba and a number of villages of Jabal Awliya.

He said all these problems were caused by frequent power outages off the plant and wells in residential areas.

He pointed out that 80% of the lacking water supply in alHalfaya district is due to power outages for more than 5 hours.

This affects a number of Northern Bahri districts, as well as weak and fluctuating of electricity in the Eastern Nile locality, he said.

This, the Corporation’s director said, has caused problems for more than 224 underground well pumps.

A number of local neighborhoods, in Um Badda and alAmiriya, were affected by electricity shortages, he said, resulting in a shortage of water supplies.

He called upon the electricity company to exempt residential areas were underground wells are located from lengthy power cuts.

Sudan has been suffering continuous power outages for months, and the lack of fuel for thermal plants is one of the causes of these cuts.

The Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company announced in December that it had planned a programmed power cuts for seven hours a day.

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