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Sudanese troops withdraw and leave Aden, Al-Intibaha

Sudanese troops participating in the Saudi-led Arab coalition have left Aden, a Yemeni military source told RT.

“Sudanese forces left this evening through the port of Al-Zeit,” the source said, adding that “there are reports of reducing Saudi forces in Aden.”

Earlier in the day, Yemen’s internationally recognized government announced that its forces had taken control of important positions in Marib province, following battles with Houthi forces of Ansar Allah, for the second month in a row.

“The National Army and popular resistance forces launched a fierce offensive on Houthi positions on the Al-Kasra and Al-Mashjah fronts, through which they were able to liberate important positions, while the militia suffered heavy losses in life and equipment,” the government-run SABA news agency said.

“Military operations on the fronts of Al-Kasra and Al-Mashjah is proceeding as planned by the army command,” it said, noting that the Arab Coalition air force was able to destroy 12 Houthi military vehicles in the Al-Kasara front northwest of Marib city.

Confiscation and smelting of Boko vehicles, government pursues companies involved, Al-Sudani

The High Committee for the Collection of Unregulated Weapons and Vehicles announced the confiscation of all non-registered vehicles.

The committee’s rapporteur, Lt. Gen. Hadi Abdullah, said in an interview with Al-Sudani that the confiscated cars would be smelted at Giyad Industrial City after being confiscated, without compensation; while owners will be subject to trial. Lt. Gen. Hadi revealed that legal proceedings will take place against companies involved in the introduction of unregulated vehicles, while confirming the legalization of 105,000 vehicles.

Decision to subject government banks to structuring, Al-Sudani

The Central Bank of Sudan (CBS) has decided to restructure government banks in line with its 2021 policy.

Representative of the Central Bank of Sudan, BadreddinQurashi said that the goal of CBS’s exit from government banks comes to avoid conflict of interest between the two parties.

In an interview with Business Platform, reported by BajNews, he noted that the new vision of structuring foresees government competent authorities take over control of banks with similar activities.

He explained that the new policy of the Central Bank for 2021 banned financing to board members, pointing out that the implementation of the policy may take a year, however, it represents the right direction.

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