UAE to mediate between Sudan and Ethiopia and Coronavirus spread among 44% of Khartoum state population


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Darfur Lawyers Body calls for an urgent action plan to contain the situation in Kelma IDP camp
Prosecution approves autopsy of 1228 corpses to be buried
Health ministry: Hiking coronavirus infections followed the reopening of schools, colleges


201 accused of human trafficking under arrest, 103 reports filed during the past year; of which 60% in Khartoum
Endowment minister: The government does not have database for endowments
2020 marriage rate decreased to 21% compared to 2018



Memorandum on the case of the murdered student, Samah EL-Hadi, tabled to the Public Prosecutor, Interior and Justice ministers
Leader in the Salvation Initiative: The Group that met with Al-Burhan represents NCP’s affiliates in Gedarif


News Brief


World Bank delegation arrives in April to finance agriculture

Badreddine Atta Mustafa, director general of international cooperation at the Ministry of Agriculture, said in remarks on the sidelines of the Comprehensive National Agricultural Conference that a World Bank delegation arrived in early April to fully finance the agricultural sector.

Ministry of Health: Coronavirus has spread among 40% of Khartoum state citizens

The Director of the Emergency and Epidemiology Department at the Ministry of Health in Khartoum State, Dr. Nader Al-Tayeb announced that 40 percent of Khartoum’s population is infected with Coronavirus.

He stressed the need to lockdown Khartoum state under such circumstances, pointing out to a lack of oxygen in hospitals, while criticizing, in a TV program interview, citizens’ indifference to the Corona pandemic.

Dr. Al-Tayeb added that now the virus is spreading among young children.

The government welcomes UAE mediation to resolve dispute with Ethiopia

The Sudanese government announced that it does welcome the mediation by the United Arab Emirates to resolve the dispute between Khartoum and Addis Ababa over borders on the one hand, and resolve the dispute over the “Renaissance Dam” crisis among Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on the other.

The Prime Minister dr. Abdullah Hamdok, in a Cabinet meeting held yesterday, briefed ministers about the mediation initiatives with Ethiopia, and according to a press release, the Council announced its welcome to the Emirati mediation on the border issue between Khartoum and Addis Ababa, as well as mediation to resolve the Renaissance Dam crisis between the three countries (Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia).


Member to the Sovereignty Council, Al-Taher Hajar, to (Al-Sudani): The Communist Party is against the Juba Peace Agreement


STC’s member, leader of the Revolutionary Front, Al-Taher Hajar, accused the Communist Party of standing against the Juba Peace Agreement, and said in an interview with (Al-Sudani) – published inside – that the security arrangements are not linked to a specific time. He revealed a defect associated with the implementation of the merger and demobilization process of movements’ forces identified with timings in the Peace Matrix.


Regarding external (funds) support for the agreement, Hajar said: “Many parties have committed to this, but until now, no party has provided support on the ground. The security arrangements, for instance, needs huge sums, especially forlogistics.”


Hajar defended the entry of the armed movements’ forces into the capital, Khartoum, stressing that they entered with coordination and knowledge of state institutions and clarified that the forces that entered are protection forces and are limited to 66 individuals from each armed movement.



Khartoum refinery out of service

Informed sources unveiled a malfunction in the Khartoum refinery, resulting from failure in the refinery’s electrical units


The sources confirmed, according to (Baj News) yesterday, that failure in internal electricity units caused the refinery go out of service, indicating that maintenance teams are currently doing their best to repair the damage and get the refinery to liquidate crude.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of this month, the refinery returned to work after entering the periodic maintenance phase for a period of two months.

Abiy Ahmed: We do not want war with Sudan

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed yesterday, Tuesday, that his country does not want to engage in a war with Sudan.

“Ethiopia also has a lot of problems, and we are not prepared to enter into a battle … we do not need a war, and it is better to settle the problems peacefully,” Abiy Ahmed said in a speech to Parliament. He added that Sudan is a “brotherly country” whose people love Ethiopia, and we will resolve disputes over borders through dialogue. .

Regarding the Renaissance Dam, Abiy Ahmed said, “We will preserve part of the water next summer without harming Sudan and Egypt, and if we do not do that, we will lose a billion dollars annually.” He added, “Through dialogue and with understanding, solutions can be found for all discrepancies between the source and downstream countries. It cannot be said that we cannot fill the Renaissance Dam before reaching an agreement. We keep water within the framework of the law. The process of filling the dam depends on rainwater and will not affect the water flowing to Sudan and Egypt,” stressing that his country does not aim to harm Sudan or Egypt, and that the Renaissance Dam will serve the interests of the all three countries.

Extensive transfers among prosecutors

Yesterday, Attorney General Taj Al-Sir Al-Hibir issued directive No. (4) 2021 AD, stipulating wide transfers which included (133) public prosecutors in all states across the country.

Seen by Al-Sayha, the decision included the transfers of (2) Class A higher prosecutors, (30) a first attorney general, in addition to the transfer of (29) a second public prosecutor, in addition to the transfer of (71) a third public prosecutor, while (1) was transferred. ) Prosecutor.

It is worth noting that the transfers came in accordance with Article (39) of the Public Prosecution Law, 2017. The decision directed the prosecutors included in the transfer list attached to it, to implement it immediately as of the date signing, yesterday, Tuesday 3/23/2020.


Governmental meetings to resolve expatriates remittance crisis

A joint meeting comprising the Secretariat General of the Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA), the Central Bank of Sudan and the steering committee of Forex Union; yesterday discussed issues facing remittances by Sudanese expats and migrants, and the crises banks and money exchange agencies face in remittance operations from abroad.


According to Sudan News Agency, the SSWA’s Secretary-General, Makin Hamid Terab, stressed the importance of the government’s recent decision to unify exchange rate, and the substantial difference remittances and obligations of the Sudanese abroad and immigrants can make in national economy indicators.

The steering committee of Forexes Union confirmed commitment of forex agencies to promote the environment, develop services and guarantee door-to-door delivery of remittances.


The meeting pledged to address deficiencies, amend some policies, and boost effectiveness of the banking sector in dealing with transfers during the coming period.


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