Hemidti in Juba, SAF vows to protect the homeland in the eastern front and China provides 350k vaccine doses



Low corn prices in Al-Gedarif, farmers seek PM’s help
Verdict on the case of Martyr Hanafi Abdel Shakour to be pronounced at the end of next May
100k Sudanese working in the UAE
A procedural session to try the accused in the famous Heathrow route’ selling case


Accusations hint CBS’s involvement in squandering 500 million UAE dirham and 92 million dollars
Khartoum Water Authority calls for main water stations exemptions from the programmed electricity cut-off
The Minister of Health: The situation in Khartoum calls for concern, especially in schools and among teachers, due to Corona


Deputy TSC Chairman, Hemedti, heads for Juba in an official visit
The agricultural conference recommends affiliation of the Agricultural Bank to the Ministry of Agriculture
Sudan and Turkey agree to raise electricity volume from 150 to 250 megawatts
The armed forces (SAF) vow they will not allow any foreigner to step in Al-Fashaga again

News Brief

Germany welcomes Sudan’s accession to the Convention against Torture

The German Foreign Ministry welcomed Sudan’s decision to join the conventions against torture and other cruel, inhumaneor degrading treatment or punishment, and to protect people from enforced disappearance, praising Sudan’s efforts and important steps to promote and protect human rights.



The German Foreign Ministry also confirmed in a written letter received by the Sudanese foreign office from its German counterpart its full readiness to partner with Sudan to implement terms of the two agreements.



Rise in fruit prices and vegetable stability


The prices of vegetables stabilized while the prices of fruits witnessed a significant increase.


Muhammad Adam, a merchant in Bahri Market attributed the reason to high transportation costs, explaining that the price of a kilo of tomatoes decreased to 200 pounds, potatoes 250 pounds, while the price of a kilo of okra reached 500 pounds. The carrots were 400 pounds, while the price of a white cucumber piece increased by 60 pounds, a smaller size of 30 pounds, and the price of a kilo of cucumbers was 300 pounds, while the price of a kilo of lemon, a large size, rose by 650.


While the prices of fruits increased dramatically, which led to the citizens’ reluctance to buy, as a dozen of mango reached 1,300 pounds, and the price of a dozen of local oranges 1,200 pounds, a kilo of guavas was 600 pounds, and a dozen of grapefruit reached 1.900 pounds. The price of a kilo of bananas was at 250 pounds, and the price of a medium size watermelon was at 800 pounds, a large size was 1,000 pounds, and the price for a dozen of apples reached 1700 pounds and the price of a kilo of grapes was 1,600 pounds, while the Egyptian orange 1.300 pounds.



Arman: The transition will not succeed without a settlement between the military and civilians


SPLM-North Secretary General, Yasser Arman, said that building a democratic civil state will only be achievablethrough real dialogue and a real settlement between civilians and the military, stressing that if the settlement is not completed, the transitional period will not succeed, assertingthat the entry of women at the highest levels in the armed forces is a step in this way. .



Arman said in a statement to Al-Sayha, that the military institution now has a real opportunity to reconcile with the people, reproduce itself and reinvigorates Sudan to fulfil a true national project that ends with the establishment of a civil and democratic state, pointing to the importance of the armed forces taking into account the balance and the presence of all regions of Sudan, pointing out that the constitution of the armed forces in the past comprised all regions of Sudan, indicating that 21% of the armed forces were from southern Sudan, while 34% of the strength of the armed forces were from the Darfur region and 13% from Nuba Mountains, indicating that rebalancing and reforming the military sector is the ideal of way a civil state and achieving democracy, he said, “The state must be built on the basis of full reconciliation between the armed forces and the Sudanese people.”

Egypt to provide Sudan with free (300) megawatts of electricity

Al-Sudani obtained the reasons for the delay in completing the electrical connection with Egypt, following a previous agreement between governments of the two countries to raise the volume of electricity coming from Egypt from 80 megawatts to 300 megawatts.


An informed Egyptian source told Al-Sudani that the electricity coming from his country is provided (for free) to Sudan. He explained that the problem of supply delay lies in the weakness of the transmission lines of electricity from the Sudanese side. He revealed that his country’s government had signed a contract with a German company to buy a transformer in the Halfa region at a value of 40 million euros.

In another context, the source accused unidentified parties of working to strain relations between the two countries for a specific agenda – the contents of which he did not reveal.

He confirmed that cooperation between the two governments is moving forward steadily.

The source revealed that there is a mission of Egyptian professors working in Sudan since 2008, at a monthly cost estimated at about a quarter of a million dollars.

China provides Sudan with 250k doses of the Sinopharmvaccine against Corona

Ambassador Machin Min, Chinese ambassador to Khartoum, affirmed the strength of Sino-Sudanese relations in various political, economic and service fields.

During a press conference held at the Chinese embassy this Wednesday morning, the ambassador announced the arrival of the first batch of Chinese vaccines for the Corona pandemic on a Chinese plane Friday evening, which is estimated at 250,000 doses provided by the Chinese government and the Chinese army, and that this batch comes within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries. The ambassador confirmed the safety and efficacy of the Chinese vaccine.

Referring to the commitment of Chinese companies to research and develop the vaccine with scientific law and strict regulatory requirements and working to promote their work and activate international cooperation in compliance with law and regulations, ambassador Machin considered this batch of Chinese vaccine aid to Sudan a sign of the new development of the two countries’ solidarity to combat the epidemic and the new advancement of the Sudanese-Chinese friendship.


The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Khartoum insisted that the Sinopharm vaccine has been safely and effectively recognized by various countries and has been approved by more than sixty countries so far.

The ambassador affirmed the Chinese side’s keenness to enhance cooperation with the Sudanese side in the fields of providing medical aid to Sudan, pushing forward the exchange of experiences in this regard, enhancing cooperation in building public health capacities between the two countries, and helping Sudan improve its ability to deal with dangerous diseases.

Abdul Wahid Movement: No international pressure behind our search for peace

The Sudan Liberation Army Movement denied the existence of an international party that is exerting pressure on it to reach peace, stressing that their initiatives stem from their desire to find a genuine solution to the Sudanese crisis and to reach a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace.

The movement’s official spokesman, Muhammad al-Nayer, told (Al-Sudani) that the movement does not respond to pressures and only works according to the dictates of its convictions, referring to their resistance to pressures exerted upon them by previous agreements, stressing that the movement does not seek to settlements, compromises and quotas, pointing to their rejection of the same approach: The Juba platform.

Al-Nayer pointed out that peace in Sudan is only achievable by addressing the roots of the Sudanese crisis with the participation of all political, popular, civil and military components of the homeland, except for the NCP, the main cause of Sudan’s disasters.

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