Al-Burhan meets al-Hilu in Juba, Rising demands calling for the resignation of Police Chief and a US delegation to Sudan on GERD crisis



Mounting demands calling for Chief Police resigning
Sudan pays outstanding World Bank’s debts, gets a 2billion dollars fund
Darfur Lawyers Body: Al-Bashir has to be handed over to the ICC, without manoeuvring


Radiating material busted, Some million dollar bribe paid
Free exchange rate for medicinal imports
Northern state government suffers illegal migration from Libya


Protesters cause work at Sharif’s oil field to stop
Sudan WB debts settled
US delegation to Sudan on GERD crisis


SLM: Any citizen has the right to reside in Khartoum
Association of Demanding Bodies reveals some SAF officers involved in trees’ overcutting
Sit-in of the Gulf War Affected persons in front of UN premises enters its 5th month


WB: After settling outstanding debt, Sudan eligible to $2 billion grants
Communist Party accuses Some FFC parties of delaying legislature’s announcement
US Treasury commends efforts undertaken by Sudan civilian government

News Brief


Exhumation of Samah’s body and forensic medicine confirms her death with 4 bullets

A committee comprised of forensic medicine and Khartoum State Police have now exhumed the grave of the Samah (12 years-old), who was been killed a few days ago under mysterious circumstances.

Initial reports indicated that the child was shot to death, receiving four bullets in the legs, chest and hand.

Al-Burhan leaves to South Sudan

Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, headed this morning to Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan, on a one-day visit, accompanied by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Nasreddin Abdul-Bari.

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and his accompanying delegation were seen off by the Secretary General of the Council, Lt. Gen. Muhammad al-Ghali Ali Yusef, and a number of state officials.

Sudanese cinema, guest of honour in the Luxor African Cinema Festival

The Luxor Festival of African Cinema was launched today in the Arab Republic of Egypt in its tenth edition, with the participation of more than 50 films from around the continent, honouring a bunch of stars and filmmakers of the seventh art.

The Sudanese cinema was picked as the festival’s guest of honour, which bore the name of the late Egyptian actress,Madiha Yusri, on the occasion of her centenary birth.

The festival competition includes feature films, documentaries, and short films, and the current festival continues until April 1st.

Grounds of famous sport’s club filled with water prior to General Assembly convening

A high-ranking delegation of Khartoum state police leaders visited the Red Castle (Marriekh Sports Club) after flooding the pitch with water.

Preliminary investigations found that someone who claimed to be an engineer about to conduct some reviews in the stadium, went to the stadium pitch and opened the water, thus, flooding the playground, which proves it was a premeditated scheme. The stadium workers were surprised by the flooding of the stadium on Friday morning, hours before the meeting of the general assembly scheduled for this Saturday. It worth mentioning that the dumping process took place in the exact site on which the general assembly will be held.

Busting of drug dealers in Khartoum trading in Ice Crystal

The General Administration for Narcotics Control managed to seize an armed cell consisting of 7 suspects who was promoting the drug Ice Crystal by targeting young people in Khartoum.

Urgent: A boat carrying a local security committee sank on their way from Arqin to Halfa

Sources revealed that a boat carrying about 15 or more security fetuses sank in one of the localities of the Northern state who were on their way from Argin to Halfa, while everyone is still missing and the search for survivors is underway.

Alsudani Aldawliyya

Afewerki prepares to withdraw forces from the Tigray region

On Friday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed revealed that Eritrea had agreed to withdraw its forces from the Ethiopian Tigray region. Ahmed announced this in a tweet he made on “Twitter” saying: “During our talks with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki on March 26th, in Asmara; the Eritrean government agreed to withdraw its forces from Ethiopia, pointing out that his country and Eritrea will continue to strengthen bilateral relations.

Regarding allegations that the Eritrean army committed killings and violations in the Tigray region, Ahmed indicated that the Asmara government has pledged to bring everyone who is proven to be involved in violations to trial.

On November 4, the Ethiopian government forces launched a brutal war on the Tigray region with the help of Eritrean forces and Ethiopian tribal militias, after it accused the Popular Front for the Liberation of the Tribal Territory of Tigray of attacking a northern military base.

The Ethiopian army and its allies succeeded in entering the regional capital, “Mek’ele” on 28 November, amid accusations against Addis Ababa of committing widespread human rights violations, which the latter strongly denies.

Corona hits the cabinet again

Informed sources revealed that 15 cabinet employees were infected with Corona virus, and indicated that a compulsory examination included all employees, Thursday.

This comes after the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Khalid Omar Youssef, was infected with Corona a few days ago. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers took a number of precautionary measures following occurrence of positive cases of infection with the Coronavirus among workers.

Measures include examination to the Secretariat’s employees, reduction of activities that require a public audience to the minimum, and tightening compliance with health precautions as per directives issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, sterilization of the building, social distancing and commitment to masks wearing.

Abuhaja: alBurhan-alHilu meeting is to discuss peace

Media advisor to the Commander in Chief of the People’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Al-Taher Abuhaja, said that the visit of Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to the State of South Sudan, and his upcoming meeting with Commander Abdulaziz Al-Hilu, the leader of SPLM-North, is evidence of solid will and steadfast determination aimed at advancing the peace process, and the joining and rallying of all the people of the nation around a strategic goal, i.e., the comprehensive and just peace.

The media advisor to the Commander-in-Chief confirmed that Al-Burhan said since the beginning of Change, that the principle of adherence to dialogue will remain constant, and that agreement on issues of discrepancies, however different they are, can be reached. Promising that the coming days will bear good omens, that these meetings hosted by Juba are steadily moving towards the strategic goal, which is comprehensive and just peace, and to further equip the country to build a state of citizenship, the rule of law, and established principles of democracy, freedom, and justice.

Brigadier General Abuhaja added that the next stage ischallenging as it examines resilience of national cohesion and building of civil state institutions in which parties must grow on solid and strong grounds to lead the country towards the peaceful exchange of power. Parties based on ideology and programs, not regionalism nor tribalism.

Abuhaja stressed that past efforts made for the sake of war and destruction, need to be positively redirected in order to achieve national unity, development, peace, stability and freedom.

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