Flying high over South African Bafanas, Secretary Birds qualify for the Cup of African Nations; Police Chief relieved and Scholars, Emams and Preachers condemn DoP’s signing



–          A unified Sudan.. One Army.. and separation between State and Religion

–          The agreement on the Declaration of Principles between the Government and the SPLM is widely welcomed

–          World Bank resumes work with Sudan after settlement of outstanding debt


–          Nabil Adib: Sit-in dispersal’s videos might have been tampered with

–          Ministry of Health starts the Corona vaccine campaign at Khartoum medical centres

–          Court: Accused in the killing of martyr Haasan M. Omar faces ‘premeditated murder and crimes against humanity’ charges


–          Sudan Peace Mediation: Initialling in early April

–          3 countries contesting over Port-Sudan, and a recovery plan amounting to $61 million

–          ‘Secretary Birds’ beats the Bafana Bafana, qualify for Africa Cup of Nations


–          Police Chief in Khartoum state relieved

–          Floods destroy tens of houses in the White Nile state

–          FFC: Complications face the legislature’s formation


–          Sudanese Union of Scholars, Emams and Preachers condemns the signing of the Declaration of Principles and warns

–          Ethiopian militia who killed 4 girls is chased by the Army

–          Wheat harvest in the West Omdurman project inaugurated

–          Maintenance, lighting for the Nile bridges and Nile Avenue, Khartoum

News Brief


Projects to provide basic services in the Abyei Area


The Director of the Abyei Area Development Fund, Jabir Faraj Hamoudi, announced the prepared plan to provide basic services and develop the area.


Jabir said at a ceremony held in Al-Dayir area, north of Abyei, in honour of receiving the Administrative Director of the Abyei Area Administration (AAA), Eng. Jumah Da’ud, that the fund is working in full coordination with the AAA in order to stabilize, provide services and advance the area in all fields. He announced the establishment of programs supportive of stability and interest in agriculture, its development and expansion.




Easter holiday for Western denominations (Thursday)


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that the Easter holiday for the Western Christian dominations will start next Thursday and end on Saturday.



A circular from the Council of Ministers said today, Monday, that the workers concerned shall carry out their work afterwards according to rules and regulations governing working days and hours in the state.



A billion-dollar offer from British companies Mercantile and GenCorp to invest in ports


The British companies Mercantile and GenCorp expressed desire to invest with a capital of one billion dollars in the field of infrastructure in Port Sudan to expand berths and increase capacity for export/import services and energy projects to increase production and value added.


Upon receiving the company’s delegations in Khartoum yesterday, the Minister of Investment, Dr. Al-Hadi M. Ahmed, stressed the Ministry’s keenness to overcome all obstacles to investment. He indicated that the transitional government is counting on attracting direct investment.


In a press statement, Al-Amin Mustafa Al-Amin, head of the negotiating delegation of Mercantile Ltd., the owner of the Niles Africa Gate Company and the British GenCorp Company, said in a press statement the meeting discussed ways to attract investments to the country and available opportunities, indicating that February, 22nd 2022 will witness the inauguration of the Niles Free Zone, Africa’s gate in Port Sudan, north of the southern port on the coast, which is considered the first free zone to serve Sudan and other neighbouring countries, especially southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad and Central Africa, in addition to Cameroon, in harmony with COMESA, with an area of 150 thousand square meters, subject to increase.



NUP and the SCP welcome the Declaration of Principles’ Agreement


The NUP welcomed the signing of the Declaration of Principles between the TGoS and the SPLM North.


The National Umma Party’s General Secretariat confirmed in a press release that the Declaration represents an important positive step to complete the requirements of peace, stop the war and achieve security and stability, indicating that the party welcomes the move and will announce its official position on the details of the declaration through its relevant institutions later.


In the same context, the head of the Sudanese Congress Party, Omar Al-Digair, announced that he welcomed the agreement.


“We welcome the signing of the Declaration of Principles between the government and the SPLM, Al-Hilu’s leadership, and we consider it a big step forward, and we hope for an urgent start to fruitful negotiations on the details,” Al- Digair said in a tweet.


Al-Digair called for intensifying efforts and communicating with Abdelwahid M. Nur to reach an agreement that stops war, and said, “Communication with the Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdul Wahid’s leadership, must be intensified to achieve a comprehensive and just peace that silences the guns and mobilizes energies for the mission of national building.



Draft law defining State’s responsibility to protect women and minors


The Director of the ‘Violence Against Women and Children’ combating unit, Sulaima Ishaq, revealed that a draft of a national bill to combat violence against women and minors has been tabled to the Justice Minister, Maulana Nasreddin Abdul-Bari.


Sulaima told (Al-Sudani) that the Minister of Justice will subject the draft law to review, in preparation for pushing it to the Council of Sovereignty and the Council of Ministers for approval.


She explained that the draft is subject to consultations with competent authorities in the civil society owing to their experience in this field, adding that: “The new draft law defines the state’s responsibility to protect women and minors from all forms of violence, including early marriage and circumcision.”


Cooperation in the field of health safety between the Defence Industries and Khartoum state government


The Defence Industries System and the Khartoum State’s Supreme Council for Human Development have agreed to cooperate in the field of health safety.


The Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Abd al-Rahman A. al-Karuri, stressed the importance of partnerships and concerted efforts in the country’s best interest, adding that the Council is concerned with quality, work, safety and occupational health in addition to capacity building and vocational training in the state, which requires the existence of many partnerships with the relevant authorities.


Al-Karuri said that the state has many industrial establishments that need periodic follow-up and inspection, which requires training on the latest equipment and in accordance with advanced approaches to the safety of facilities and workers. The areas of cooperation include integration in carrying out environmental measurements, training and qualification to carry out inspections as well as consulting.

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