KSA business initiative and U.S., EU confirm willingness to mediate in Renaissance Dam issue

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 Bin Salman initiative to establish a Sudanese-Saudi company with $3 billion capital

Saudi Arabia expressed its willingness to cooperate with Sudan in energy and oil projects, exchange expertise and work to open offices for major Saudi companies in Khartoum, and revealed an initiative by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz to establish a Sudanese-Saudi company with a capital starting from (3) billion dollars to invest in strategic sectors.

Saudi Ambassador to Khartoum Ali bin Hassan Jaafar during his meeting with The Minister of Energy and Oil, Jadin Ali Obeid, conveyed his country’s desire to invest in Sudan in serious and ready-made projects in the fields of energy, oil and minerals, and the number of Saudi bodies and ministries that can cooperate with the Ministry such as the Renewable Energy Authority and electricity, and major Saudi companies such as Aramco Petroleum, Sabiq Gas and Petrochemical Company, Ma’aden Mineral Wealth company, in addition to the Saudi Ministry of Energy, headed by Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Aziz Abdul Aziz Al Aziz, pointing to the importance of Communication between the ministries of energy of the two countries, stressing that the embassy will arrange to collect the two ministers in Riyadh soon.

SudanAir receives design and specifications for new Airbus aircraft

 The general manager of Sudan Airways, “Sudanair”, Yasser Timo, revealed the settlement of the company’s debt to Saudi Arabia worth “53” million riyals, as revealed the company’s receipt, the design and specifications of a new aircraft based on the agreement with The French Company Airbus, and expect to receive the aircraft once the arrangements are completed.

In an interview with Al-Sayha, Timo unveiled understandings between leadership and officials in the two countries, whereby it was agreed to settle Sudanair’s debts for the Saudi agent scheduled for “20 years”, pointing out to continued efforts to complete arrangements to restart the Jeddah and Riyadh lines and resume the Hajj and Umrah seasons normally.


The country’s first documentary film festival opens in April

The first documentary film festival in Sudan officially opens at the National Museum in Khartoum on April 7th and will start from April 8 to April 12.

The program includes screenings of documentaries, accompanying exhibitions, cultural and artistic programs, and a competition to select the most beautiful documentaries, as well as seminars and workshops.

The festival also features a tribute to some national figures, accompanied by a huge market, and direct sale to the public at reduced prices with the wide participation of national institutions, companies and factories.

 Al-Ansar Affairs Authority: Rrelationship of religion to the state cannot be superimposed

According to the Ansar Affairs Commission, the relationship of religion to the state is an issue of interest to all Sudanese and cannot be exclusively decided upon by one faction; that it should be left to the Constitutional Conference.

The Commission noted in a statement on Tuesday, on the agreement of the Declaration of Principles signed of late in Juba, that the Islamic religion does not recognize coercion practised against non-Muslims, and does not impose its rituals and provisions on non-believers, and equally does not accept to impose on its believers concepts and provisions that collide with their faith and values, robbing Muslims off their religious, cultural and legislative right

The statement explained that the agreement contained principles on which there is no dispute, such as Sudan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, that a military solution does not lead to lasting peace and stability, and that a political, peaceful and just solution is a common goal for both parties of the negotiations.

nauguration of Africa and the Middle East’s newest plant tissue transplant lab

The Ministry of Agriculture inaugurated a plant tissue transplant laboratory at Zadana International Company yesterday (Monday), with a capacity of more than 30 million plants, with a production capacity of about (8) million seedlings per year, and provides seedlings for the country at an estimated value of $5 million.

Addressing the opening program, the Minister of Agriculture, Taher Ismail said that the laboratory is reflects a state-of-the-art technologies in the field and the latest laboratory in Africa and the Middle East, stressing that it contributes to raising crop productivity and improving quality, especially horticultural crops with high productivity, and the price for Zadna Initiatives, especially the national banana project, stressing the return of Sudan to the world market.

On his part, the General Manager of Zadna International, Maj. Gen, Abdul Mahmoud Hammad complained of challenges and intersections that led to the suspension of work for several months, noting that “the company led a line of reconciliation, agreements to complete the laboratory.”

 U.S., EU confirm willingness to mediate in Renaissance Dam case

Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, received congratulations from the U.S. envoy for peace in Sudan, Donald Booth and the European Union envoy in Khartoum, Robert Vandol on behalf of the European Union special envoy Alexander Rondos, yesterday (Monday) in his office at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the signing of the Declaration of Principles between the Interim Government and the SPLM-North led by Abdelaziz Al-Hilu, in Juba.

Al-Burhan reiterated Sudan’s commitment to peaceful and diplomatic solutions on contentious issues with the State of Ethiopia.

The meeting discussed the peace process in Sudan, as well as differences between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam and recent developments on Suda*n’s eastern border with Ethiopia.

Al-Burhan pointed out that the deployment of the armed forces in the Area of Al-Fashaga took place within Sudanese territory, in accordance with the 1902 Agreement and what was confirmed by the subsequent understandings with the Ethiopian side.

He called on the United States and the European Union to contribute to promoting peace in Sudan and to reach a joint agreement on the Renaissance Dam.

U.S. envoys Donald Booth and Robert Vandol, european, confirmed readiness to mediate in the issue of the Renaissance Dam, stressing belief in the need to reach a diplomatic solution on the dispute over the dam in accordance with an approach that satisfies the three parties, ensuring that Ethiopia enjoy electricity, Sudan the integrity of its land and secure its dams and Egypt’s water rights.

The envoys praised Al-Burhan’s sound leadership of the transitional period, and commended his success in reaching a solution to the issue of peace, referring to the breakthrough that took place yesterday by signing the Declaration of Principles with the SPLM-North, which will pave the way for a comprehensive peace in the country.

On his part, the EU envoy confirmed the EU’s readiness to support the process of economic reforms taking place in Sudan and contribute to the government’s program to support poor families.

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