Prof. Al-Tom to Recieve Sudan’s Person of the Year Accolade

The Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightnment will honour Prof. Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Tom, the former Minister of Education, with its Sudan’s Person of the Year award.

The center awards annually, on the 23rd of every April, Sudanese figures who took part in spreading enlightenment and awareness.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightnment will host, coming Friday evening, an honouring ceremony in honour of the previous Minister of Education, Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Tom.

The ceremony will be held as part of the 16th anniversary of the passing of renowned intellectual, Mr. Al-Khatim Adlan, which falls annually on the 23rd of every April.

The centre described Prof. Al-Tom as one of the “pillars of enlightenment…. devoted to people, one who stands up for what’s right in all situations, walking along the the path of his homeland’s righteousness, characterized by his long, commendable and consistent sacrifices for national service”

“….Al-Tom, of whom was said: “He whose spine has no crack, I swear to you he won’t snap”. “, the center adds.

In addition to honouring Prof. Al Tom’s accolades, there will be a reading from his illustrious biography.

The ceremony will also witness the showing of a documentary dedicated to Al-Khatim, titled :”Al-Khatim Adlan: (In) Living Memory”.

The center has also advised attendees to abide by the Covid-19 safety regulations.

The ceremony will commence at 9:00 P.M. over at the center’s headquarters in Al-Muqran, gate facing Al Jam’aa St., South of the National Museum.

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