Inflation hikes to 342% this March

Inflation rate in Sudan has increased by 342% this March, jumping 11 points than past February.




The Central Bureau of Statistics’ monthly memo on the inflation rate of March marks 342%, compared to the February rate 330.87%.


Annual inflation rate of food and drinks have decreased to 253%, compared to February 262%, it said.


The memo mentioned that the basic rate without food and drinks groups is 469.83% in March, compared to 427.61% in February. Inflation rate of goods in the consumer basket increased to 243.08% this March, compared to 208.08 last month.


The report admitted that the inflation rate in urban areas increased to 314.68 % in March, compared to 301.55% in last month. And confirmed that the annual inflation rate for consuming and servicing goods prices increased for the month of March in eight states, the highest increase was in Kassala, reaching 47.10 points, and the lowest in Blue Nile, reaching 7.93 points.


The International Monetary Fund IMF have declared, last year, readiness to help Sudan, following Sudan’s removal from Washington’s list of states sponsoring terrorism. That time IMF stated that removal of Sudan from the US list is part of eliminating obstacles that face the debt relief, in light of Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, which was launched in 1996.

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