Spain dissatisfied with trade volume exchanged with Sudan

The Spanish ambassador to Khartoum said that his country is not satisfied with the trade volume with Sudan, meanwhile calling for preparation of projects to be presented to Spanish investors at the Paris conference scheduled for May.

Khartoum: Al Taghyeer

On Wednesday, the Sudanese Minister of Finance, Jibril Ibrahim, met with the Spanish ambassador to Sudan, Alberto Jose Ucelay Urech, and commended Spain’s role in renewable energy.

The minister called on the ambassador to use this to increase and diversify electricity production in Sudan.

The Spanish ambassador affirmed his country’s support for Sudan and the transitional government, commending reforms carried out by the government.

He expressed his country’s dissatisfaction of the exchanged trade volume between the two countries, indicating Spain aspires to increase it in the coming period.

The ambassador stressed the necessity of preparing projects to be presented to investors at the Paris conference scheduled to be convened next month.

He also pointed out his country’s cooperation with the European Union to assist in relieving debt off Sudan. He noted that Spain experienced similar economic reforms that produced significant economic stability.

For his part, the Minister of Finance extended the invite through the ambassador to Spanish businessmen to visit Sudan, and evaluate investment opportunities, especially in the area of infrastructure, agriculture, livestock and mining.

He noted the importance of carrying out vital projects, especially in areas that have suffered from wars and peripheral areas, so that people can feel the benefits of the Peace Agreement.

The Minister of Finance affirmed the government’s intention to remove challenges facing the country to integrate with international financial institutions after decades of interruption.

He called on Spain to support Sudan in paying due arrears and then reach the decision-making point of the HIPC initiative to forgive Sudan’s debt in June.

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