Gold, Gas Smuggling Operations Thwarted

Sudanese authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle quantities of raw gold from mining areas north of the country headed to Khartoum undocumented on Friday, in addition to seizing a vehicle that tried to smuggle undocumented gasoline.


Khartoum: Altaghyeer


The Security Police, Atbara branch – River Nile State – Northern Sudan, seized raw gold from traditional mining areas weighing 163.7 grams, headed on its way to Khartoum without legal papers or official documents.

The value of the seized gold ore was about “3.034,000” pounds.

The Director General of the Police, Major General Al-TaherAbdul-Rahman Al-Taher, said that field information was available about gold smuggling activities taking place.

According to the police press office, a field team from the Atbara police branch was formed to collect information, identify the suspect, place him under surveillance, and monitor all his movements.

He explained that after determining given data precisely, a tight ambush was set up, which resulted in the arrest of the accused in possession of the exhibits consisting of the gold ore.

The accused was taken to the Atbara police station, where legal measures were taken.

Maj. Gen. Al-Taher confirmed the security police’s readiness to pursue repeat offenders who are working to sabotage thenational economy.

In related news, the police’s press office also reported that it hadsucceeded in seizing a lorry truck carrying 16 barrels of undocumented gasoline.

The press office explained that legal measure number “201” had been taken, under Articles “5/8/10” of the Atbara Police Department’s Consumer Protection Law and Emergency Order No. “3”.


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