SMRC earned $ 60 million in three months


The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (SMRC) announced that it has achieved $ 60 million from gold revenues collection in the first quarter of 2021

Khartoum: Al Taghyeer

The director general of SMRC, Mubarak Ardol, said during his address to a SMRC staff gathering to discuss the performance report for the past three months, that what was achieved in the first quarter of this year exceeds all that has been achieved over the past year 2020.

He praised the great effort that the company’s employees continued to exert in the center and at production areas in the various states of Sudan. In the same context, he drew attention to the “severe campaigns targeting SMRC” on social media, for what he termed “from parties who ignorant of the national roles the SMRC plays.”

Ardol reposed his trust in SMRC employees to achieve the target scheduled in the state budget for the year 2021, which is estimated at SDG 104 billion, equivalent to more than $273 million.

Indicating that many challenges lie ahead are expected to be transcended for the benefit of the Sudanese people, by contributing to deal with the economic crisis and living hardship, as well as contributing to tackling the problems of electricity, fuel and salaries of employees of the state.

Ardol expressed appreciation for the significant cooperation he finds from the Ministries of Finance and Minerals, positively reflected in SMRC successes.


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