Ethiopian Prime Minister: Entities Working “to plunge country into Chaos”

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, accused unnamed external and internal parties of causing chaos and destabilization in his country, which is currently witnessing internal and regional crises.
Khartoum: Altaghyeer
Ahmed’s comments came in a statement issued by the Ethiopian presidency, Saturday, after a National Security Council meeting. The statement said that the meeting discussed internal and regional issues.
“These parties are working to plunge the country into chaos. Despite the conspiracies and pressures exerted on the country, Ethiopia will undertake the second filling of the Renaissance Dam on the scheduled date, and elections will be held”, Ahmed confirmed.
Ethiopia is currently living in the midst of a deepening crisis in the northern Tigray region, where fighting erupted last November between rebels and the central government.
A few days ago, the UN Security Council expressed its concern about the humanitarian situation in the region, with frequent reports that the Ethiopian army committed crimes against civilians there.
The fighting led to the deaths of thousands, while hundreds of thousands were fled their homes in the mountains region, which harbors a population of about 5 million.
Eritrean forces, whom already accused of massacres and murders in Tigray region, are aiding Ethiopian government forces.
On the regional level, Ethiopia’s relations with Egypt and Sudan are in crisis due to the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopian are building over the Blue Nile, the largest tributary of the Nile River.
Ahmed repeatedly expressed his intention to start the second stage of the dam lake filling, in the rainy season during the coming months of July and August.
This is what worries the Egyptians and the Sudanese, as they consider it a treating their water supplies.
Observers believe that, the prime minister’s insistence on highlighting the issue of the Renaissance Dam, is an attempt to push the citizens of his country to rally around it in the face of crises at home and abroad.

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