Egypt: 10-year Maximum prison sentence for Ma’adi child Harasser

The Cairo Criminal Court, held at the Fifth Settlement Court, ruled the accused, Mohamed Jawdat, guilty of harassing a child from Al-Ma’adi, with a 10-year imprisonment.


Cairo: Altaghyeer: Agencies


In the trial’s third session, held Tuesday, the victim’s lawyersdemanded that harsh penalties be brought upon the man accused of sexually assaulting the child, in a case that shook public opinion in Egypt.

The girl’s attorneys argued that the victim was exposed to severe psychological trauma following the incident, confirming that she is still receiving psychological treatment until now.

The defendant’s lawyers demanded a dismissal of the court’s panel in the last session, only for the appeals court to reject the appeal and referred the case back to the court again.

In the first session held on the end of last March, the accused surprised the court with new and strange statements.

He denied molesting the child, adding that he had performed the Hajj twice and was incapable of molesting a child the age of hisown children.

The defendant accused the child of theft, and that he had signed his previous confessions under duress.

Noteworthy that, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, Public Prosecutor, had charged the accused with kidnapping and indecent assault on a 7-year-old girl and referred him to the criminal court while detained.

A.G. Statement Reveals Details

The Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Statement Department at the Attorney General’s Office monitored the circulation of a clip of a man’s assault on a child at a real estate entrance in Cairo’s Ma’adi neighborhood.

It also explained that the prosecution contacted the owner of the circulating online post and summoned her for interrogation.

She testified that she had witnessed the incident through the monitoring screens installed in the medical laboratory in herworkplace.

The accused assaulted the child by leaning against her privateareas, leading the child to storm out in an effort to prevent theongoing assault.

Upon seeing the witness, the defendant left the child, and was then confronted by the witness with what he had done.

The statement added that after noticing the surveillance cameras, the accused took the initiative to leave.

An escort of the witness corroborated the accounts in her statement.

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