Agreement with Saudi-Emirati Company to develop Livestock and Meat exports in Sudan

The Sudanese Minister of Animal Resources, Hafez Abdul Nabi, expressed his readiness to provide opportunity for Saudi Arabia and the UAE to invest in the sector.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer


The Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources concluded a joint framework agreement with a Saudi-Emirati company to promote and develop exports of livestock and meat from Sudan.

Hafez Ibrahim Abdel Nabi, The Minister of Animal Resources,met the company’s chairman, Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutawa, on Wednesday.

Prior to signing the agreement, the minister emphasized the importance of cooperation with the company in order to build an effective partnership for export processing.

This falls in accordance with the Sudan’s plans to attract foreign investment and develop the infrastructure for Sudanese quarries and slaughterhouses.

For his part, Al-Mutawa pointed to Sudan’s great wealth potential in the Arab region, and the company eagerness to makeuse of it in opening Arab markets for livestock and meat exports.

He also noted the importance of establishing modern slaughterhouses in Sudan.

The Minister expressed his readiness to provide all facilities for the establishment of slaughterhouses.

Minister Abdel Nabi also stressed on overcoming obstacles in order to allow both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to invest in the sector.

He also noted that focusing on exporting meat to take advantage of the added value contributes to increasing the country’s livestock export revenues.

The Ministry of Animal and Marine Wealth had approved the establishment of a National Agency for Agricultural Transformation.

Abdel Nabi affirmed supporting and strengthening cooperation with international communities in hopes of transferring and applying successful experiences to support and develop the country’s livestock sector.

This is provided that this support includes expanding the bonds of cooperation and common interests in order to support the Ministry of Animals Wealth in Sudan.

In addition, there will be the establishing a Sudanese national agency for agricultural transformation, similar to the experiments applied in countries like Ethiopia, Japan and Korea.

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