Ministry of Health admits all Isolation Centers are full, no Oxygen Cylinders

The Director of the General Administration of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health, Khartoum, HebaMohamed Hassanein, warned of exposure to congestedmarkets and gatherings, especially during this period whereCoronavirus cases are witnessing a significant increase.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

She explained that 90% of people expose themselves to high infection due to crowding.

The majority of people infected, along with others, do not know that they are infected, and attribute the symptoms they feel to change in weather, common colds, or infections.

“We receive several calls and requests for additional hospital beds,” Hassanein said.

She acknowledged on Wednesday, during her speech at the National Platform for Combating Corona Pandemic at the headquarters of the Sudan News Agency in Khartoum, the difficulty of the situation.

“It is true that the situation is dire, and all isolation centers are completely full, and there are no oxygen cylinders nor additional beds due to lack of compliance with health precautions”, she added.

Hassanein believes that there is no solution other than vaccination with AstraZeneca, noting that some in Sudan believe that the virus is currently in a state of recession.

She indicated that the statistics issued by the Emergency and Epidemiology Department may not be representative of real numbers, attributing that to the inability to cover all cases.

The Zero-Cost of Examination

Mrs. Heba pointed out that the Corona virus during this period is at its highest rate of infection, given that most people do not call to report to the emergency department due to their belief that the examination is not free.

She emphasized that this service is provided through the Ministry of Health Emergency Department, free of charge, and that they reach the patient at home, noting that those who go to special centers with high costs are those intent on travellingabroad.

Hassanein also noted that the person who receives vaccination is still prone to infection, but could display symptoms of a common cold, or a mild illness that do not have serious complications and do not require hospitalization or oxygencylinders.

Regarding the common occurrence of clots due to the vaccine, she said that most people were reluctant to take the vaccine because of this rumor.

“Globally, there have been some cases of clotting, but studies and research have shown that out of every million people, only one person suffers vaccine related clotting, while (the number of) clots caused by the virus itself are much higher.”

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