Sudan Volleyball Federation: Ambitious plans despite Difficulties

The Sudan Volleyball Federation is working on forming a women’s team in the coming period, and is currentlygathering players active at the state level.


The federation concluded the men’s Premier League Championship before Ramadan, becoming the first association to reach the season’s end.


(Al-Taghyeer) interviewed the president of the Sudanese Volleyball Federation, Al-Zain Al-Dekhiry, who shed light on the federation’s activities and programs.

Al-Taghyeer: Interview: Abdullah Bereir


First, what is going on in the halls of the Volleyball Association?

The President of the Federation submitted his resignation, and in my capacity as his Vice President, I currently manage the Federation’s activities during this period.


Tell us about volleyball activity in the capital Khartoum and the states.

Sudan now has volleyball activity at both capital and state levels, but in distinctive ways, and Ramadan tournaments are held in coordination with us in the main cities of the different states.


Is this activity concentrated on the month of Ramadan only?

The Volleyball Federation is the only federation to have ended its Premier League four days before the start of Ramadan. We concluded the league in the presence of official figures such as the Youth and Sports representative, the Secretary of the Olympic Committee, and the heads of the federations.


How do you evaluate the last Premier League season?

The Premier League was won by De’m Hamad and ShaikiaGadaref at the expense of the Karary team. 11 teams participated in this version that we consider distinguished despite the withdrawal of the Aman team of the Sudanese Intelligence Service. The league was concluded with 10 clubs present.

What is the relegation and promotion like?

The Premier League’s list this year saw two teams relegated, bringing the number of clubs to 9. The Premier League qualifying round has now ended, with “Majd Omdurman”qualifying in the tournament held in the new Halfa locality in the state of Kassala, eastern Sudan.


How was crowd attendance in light of the Corona pandemic?

The matches were held in with crowds present, but were done according to strict health requirements due to COVD-19. This game enjoys huge popularity and the league was broadcast on the Sudanese “Al-Mala’ib” sports channel.


What is the Federation’s plan for the next period?

We are planning to prepare for the transfer market on the first of next June and then prepare for the tournament. The most important thing that we will be working on during the next yearwill be to form a women’s volleyball team because female activities are currently limited to states only. We also have a national women’s beach volleyball team.

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