Sudan: Former Regime Official, Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, Dies

The Public Prosecution announced that Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, a leader of the former Sudanese regime, has died as a result of his struggle with heart disease.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer


The deposed regime’s former Secretary-General of the Sudanese Islamic Movement, Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, died Friday at the Police Hospital in Khartoum, after his health deteriorated while staying at Kober prison.

The Public Prosecution said in a brief statement: “Left to the mercy of his Lord today, leader in the former regime, Al-ZubairAhmed Al-Hassan, after having been transferred last Thursday evening to the police hospital in Burri where he passed after struggle with heart disease.”

It indicated that Al-Hassan was under trial pending cases that currently proceeding with the courts after the prosecution had charged him in these cases that were referred to the judiciary months ago.

The Public Prosecution noted that he appeared in the last court sessions concerning “Heathrow Line” and the 1989 coup case, which had its latest session last Tuesday.

Al-Hassan was arrested after the December 2018 revolution, after the fall of the Sudanese Salvation regime on April 2019.

A court of competent jurisdiction was held at the end of last March, putting on trial the former finance ministers of the now defunct regime, Al-Hassan, Ali Mahmoud and (3) others in the case of irregularities in the sale of river transport.

Al-Zubair appeared in court last Tuesday, in the case of violations of the Heathrow line, in which he faces accusation alongside former Minister of Minerals Kamal Abdul Latif, and director of Al-Faiha Holding Co. Al-Obaid Fadl Al-Mawla.

The deceased held a number of positions during the former regime’s rule, of which the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Council.

Al-Zubair assumed the position of Secretary-General of the Sudanese Islamic Movement in 2012 until regime’s fall in April 2019.

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