Telephone Contacts Between Hamdok and Kenyatta

Sudan News Agency (SUNA) said that Kenyan President UhuruKenyatta, will call PM Abdalla Hamdok, on Friday, for consultation and coordination.

Khartoum, Al Taghyeer

According to SUNA, the Kenyan president expressed his understanding of Khartoum’s stance in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) dispute, and its legitimate concernsabout the second phase of filling, without an agreement that guarantees the safety of the water systems and the protection of citizens along the Blue Nile and the River Nile, as well as their livelihood, security and safety.

On Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam al-Sadiqal-Mahdi, met President Kenyatta, in the capital Nairobi, as part of an African tour that included Rwanda, Congo and Uganda, to clarify Sudan’s position concerning GERD.

During the meeting, the Minister conveyed a verbal message from the PM Abdalla Hamdok.

Al-Mahdi provided a detailed explanation of the country’s stancein GERD dispute, and the dangers of the second phase of filling, without a binding agreement, especially after Sudan suffered from the first phase of filling without an agreement last July.

She affirmed Sudan’s keenness to reach a negotiated agreement under the auspices of the African Union and with the support and assistance of international partners.

She indicated that Sudan believes that GERD can become an entry point for regional development and integration that will benefit all the Eastern Nile Basin nations, and a source for the well-being of the people of the region, provided that a legal agreement is reached that addresses the interests and concerns of the three parties.

She said that Sudan understands and supports Ethiopia’s aspirations for development, economic evolution and electricity generation without harming Sudan’s interests.

Development of bilateral relations

On the other hand, SUNA quoted Kenyatta as “clear appreciation” for the consensual, conciliatory speech of the PMAbdalla Hamdok, at the recent IGAD summit.

The Kenyan president affirmed his keenness to develop the bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields, indicating that his country will send a delegation to participate in the Paris Conference next May.

Al-Mahdi had met her Kenyan counterpart, Raychelle Omamo, where she discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries and the need to revitalize them in all fields.

During the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced Sudan’s intention to nominate an ambassador in Nairobi as soon as possible.

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