Congress Members Call on Sudan to Build Unified Army under Civilian Authority

The US congressional delegation of Senators Christopher Coons and Chris Van Hollen currently visiting Khartoum called on the transitional government in Sudan to form a unified army under the authority of the civilian government.


Khartoum: Altaghyeer

US Congressman Senator Christopher Coons said in a press conference at the US embassy, ​​Wednesday, that their vision is to form a unified army encompassing all independent militias under the umbrella of the civilian government.

The US Congressman stressed the need for all militias to join it.

In a press statement after his meeting with the Sudanese Finance Minister Jibreel Ibrahim on Tuesday, Coons confirmed that their visit to Khartoum expresses support and enthusiasm for Sudan’s current transitional phase.

The senator also noted that one of the priorities of this visit is to follow up on the United States’ 700 million dollar development aid, indicating that more support would be done to enhance stability, security, and peace for the people of Sudan.

For his part, Senator Chris Van Hollen affirmed his enthusiasm to follow the progress made since the peaceful December revolution that had broke out in Sudan two years ago.

Van Hollen considered that the transition from the rule of dictatorship to the rule of law will help make the Sudanese economy more interactive.

“We want to be partners and for good relations. We support the transition towards democracy, peace and justice”, he said.

The visit comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation for Sudanese-American relations, and discussing the latest of developments on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border issue.

The three-day US congressional delegation visit included a meeting between the two congressmen with the President of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, Minister of Justice Nasreddin Abdul-Bari, Minister of Irrigation Yassir Abbas, in addition to the Minister of Finance, Jibreel Ibrahim.

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