US envoy to the Horn discusses Renaissance Dam Crisis with Sudanese Officials

The US envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, held talks with Sudanese officials in Khartoum, focusing on the Renaissance Dam crisis.

 Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Feltman began a tour of the region, which includes all of Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Eritrea, in attempt to remove the deadlock over the Ethiopian dam negotiatioand.

Feltman’s meetings included Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi.

He also met with the Sudanese Renaissance Dam negotiation team, headed by Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Yasser Abbas.

The special envoy’s visit to Khartoum will also witness a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah Hamdok.

The Sudanese officials briefed the US envoy on Sudan’s position regarding the dam crisis, represented in a refusal to fill the reservoir prior to a binding agreement.

Ethiopia’s insistence on a second filling next July has been considered by both Sudan and Egypt’s as a threat to national security.

The US envoy affirmed in his meetings Washington’s keenness to support a serious, fruitful, negotiation process between the three parties that takes into account all interests.

He also expressed his understanding of Sudan’s position.

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