UN Urges Israel to Stop Destruction

The United Nations urged Israel to stop destruction and evictions as it is committed to international humanitarian law, and international human rights law. 

Altaghyeer: Agencies

Antonio Guterres; UN Secretary General , expressed concerns about the continued violence in occupied Jerusalem , and urged Israel to stop destruction and evictions of Palestinian families from Shiekh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods.

According to the statement of the Secretary General spokesman’s Stefan Dujarric, this Sunday, Guterres urged Israel to stop destruction and evictions as it committed to the international humanitarian law, and the international human rights law.

“Israeli Authorities should be self-controlling, and respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly” Dujarric said.

He called leaders to take responsibility for working against extremists, and to speak out loudly against violence and incitement.

According to the news center of the UN, the Secretary General urged adherence for the situation of the holy site of “Al-Quds” .

The Ongoing Conflict

Guterres also reiterated his commitment, through the Middle East Committee, to support Palestinians and Israelis in resolving the conflict on the basis of relevant UN resolutions, international law, and bilateral agreements.

The  Middle East Committee, which is  made up of the European Union, Russia, the United States, and the United Nations, issued a statement Saturday, calling on the Israeli authorities to avoid anything that would escalate the situation during this period of holy days for Muslims (Ramadan’s last ten days).

“We are concerned about the provocative statements of some political groups’’. A committee member said.

“In addition to the launching of rockets and the resumption of the launching of incendiary balloons from Gaza towards Israel, and the attacks on Palestinian agricultural lands in the West Bank”, he added..

In the context, the Committee envoys reiterated their commitment to the negotiated two-state solution.

According to the UNICEF statement, there is 29 Palestinians children – a female baby among them – have injured in Al-Quds, including old region and Alshaikh Jarrah, and eight Palestinian children were arrested .

Earlier this week, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the international community to pressure the Israeli government to stop displacing Palestinian homes.

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