Prosecution: Army Must Present Culprits in Tuesday’s Events

Sudan’s Public Prosecutor demanded, on Wednesday, the army must present culprits in Tuesday’s violence, which saw the killing and wounding of protesters on the anniversary of the sit-in’s dispersal. The prosecutor also stated there was a likelihood of intention to kill surrounding the death of two of the victims.


Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Attorney General Al-Hibr Taj Al-Sir confirmed that the prosecution had opened two reports about the killing of the two young men, Othman Ahmad Badr al-Din, and Muddathir Mukhtar Al-Shafie, under Articles 130 (premeditated murder), 186 (crimes against humanity) and 5/6 (terrorism), and other articles at North Khartoum Prosecution.

According to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), al-Hibr had revealed the autopsy reports.

The cause Othman’s death was a gunshot wound that resulted in a laceration of the lung and heart, while the cause of the death of “Muddathir” was a shot that hit the heart and liver.

“It is clear that they were aimed shots, especially since the martyr Muddathir was hit from the back”, he said.

“According to the investigations, the protesters began to leave the breakfast place, and on Nile Street, near the army’s moral directive”, he added.

“There were people in army uniform chasing the protesters. What is the meaning of the bomb and the people opened up. Generally, it is left to investigations”.

He referred to an official request entailing the army must present culprits in Tuesday’s violence, including those who ordered the shooting, the gunmen, and weapons to the Public Prosecution.

“We hope that there will be cooperation in handing over the accused and the weapons for investigation and the start of the trial.”

More from Al-Hibr

Al-Hibr emphasized that all indications indicated that it was a peaceful gathering without violence that would take it away from the path of peaceful expression stipulated in the constitutional document.

He also noted that there were only slight frictions when the protesters arrived in the vicinity of the army command, despite the closure of all roads.

He stated that ten public prosecutors are following the reports, including specialists in forensic medicine, witness investigations, crime scene investigators, and the like.

 The attorney general also mentioned that the procedures are carried out in accordance with criminal case law.

Two young men were killed and 39 others were injured by regular forces’ bullets in the vicinity of the army command, after the commemoration of the sit-in dispersal Tuesday evening.

With regard to the June 3 sit-in dispersal investigations, Al-Hibr indicated that according to the constitutional document, the National Committee was in charge and that it was out of his jurisdiction.

He also assured that the Public Prosecution office has granted the investigation committee headed by Nabil Adeeb the powers of the prosecution to arrest, investigate, and research.

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