Eight Children killed by Israeli airstrikes in Palestine

The death toll in Gaza has risen to include, among a Palestinian family of ten, eight children killed by Israeli airstrikes in the Shati refugee camp in the western Gaza Strip, at dawn on Saturday, the third day of Eid al-Fitr.

Gaza: Agencies

The father of the eight children killed by Israeli airstrikes said that his sons had died “while they were wearing their new Eid-al-Fitr clothes.”

Palestinian medics in the Gaza Strip confirmed the killing of ten members of one Palestinian family as a result of an Israeli air strike targeting the western Gaza Strip at dawn on Saturday.

Eight children and two women, all from the Abu Hatab family, were killed by the collapse of a three-story building in the Shati refugee camp after an Israeli strike, according to medical sources.

The sources added that “We are searching for missing people  under the rubble of the house that was targeted at dawn today.”

Muhammad Abu Hatab, the father of the eight children at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, said that the children “were safe in their home and did not carry weapons and did not fire rockets.”

The head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, said in a statement, “The occupation committed a heinous massacre at dawn today in the Beach Camp in Gaza City, as an extension of the massacres it carried out in different areas of the Strip’’.

“As we hold the brutal occupation fully responsible for the continued targeting of civilians and the security population, we affirm that the resistance will continue to defend its proud people”.

The Israeli army had announced on Friday night that it had launched at least five strikes on the Gaza Strip.

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