Hamdok: Paris conference provides chance for Sudan back into International Community

The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, affirmed that the Paris Conference provides chance for Sudan to return to the international community.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

According to the Sudanese News Agency (SUNA), the Prime Minister said: “We are going to Paris in order to provide foreign investors with investment opportunities in Sudan”.

Hamdok pointed out that his country agreed to deal with World Bank and African Development Bank debts before heading to Paris.

“We will begin the debt relief process because Sudan, according to IMF, is fully qualified to benefit from the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries initiative.”

Hamdok explained in his statements that his country’s participation in the Paris conference is not aimed at “collecting grants and donations, but rather to confirm the return of a strong and owed country to the international community.”

Meanwhile, Sudan’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Jibreel Ibrahim, expects the Paris conference will attract a large number of foreign investors to invest in various important sectors in his country.

Fields such as –as per the minister– energy, agriculture, roads, infrastructure and railways.

He added in statements to SUNA that the government has prepared excellent projects that will be presented to investors in the conference in which businessmen, investors and politicians will participate.

Jibril considered the Paris conference an opportunity to meet creditors from the Paris Club and other creditors of Sudan and international financial institutions.

Noting that this will be a step towards forgiving Sudan’s debts, which are estimated at $60 billion.

The finance minister stressed that the Paris conference provides chance for Sudan to emerge as an active and important part of both international community and economy.

He also pointed out that the conference is an opportunity to present Sudan’s potential in investment for the benefit of the citizen and future generations.

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