1.5 Billion Dollar Bridge Loan from France in support of Sudan

France declared it is granting Sudan a 1.5 billion dollar bridge loan in the Paris conference, which aims to fully normalize Sudanese relations with the international community and enlighten foreign investors, the private sector, and bankers with the economic reforms undertaken by the government of Sudan.

Altaghyeer: Agencies

France announced the provision of support to aid Sudan in the amount of 1.5 billion dollar bridge loan to pay Sudan’s arrears to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, called on the investors and companies participating in the Paris conference to return to Sudan to invest and contribute to debt settlement efforts.

The sessions of the Paris conference to support the democratic transition in Sudan began in the French capital Paris earlier this morning.

The conference directly aims to fully normalize Sudanese relations with the international community, in addition to highlighting the investment opportunities in Sudan in the public and private sectors.

The Contributions

Le Maire affirmed that more efforts would be made to bring resources to support Sudan and to stand with it step by step.

He indicated that France will contribute to enhancing skills and taking the necessary steps to increase electrical production and strengthening public administration.

He indicated that his country will contribute to improving the business environment and economic structure, in addition to continuing the economic reforms initiated by the transitional government.

The French minister revealed his country’s support for the Sudanese people and noted that Sudan’s situation is still fragile and similar to the situations in many countries.

He said that France had previously participated in supporting Sudanese families with an amount of 60 million euros to strengthen the Sudanese economy.

Le Maire pointed out that his country will support the Central Bank of Sudan by strengthening banking systems and measures to balance the exchange rate.

He affirmed that France will continue to support Sudan in addressing all these issues, and referred to additional serious steps taken to crystallize action plans related to Sudan’s debt settlement.

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