Macron: “Free and Transparent elections” must conclude Sudan’s transition

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the transitional period in Sudan “must lead to free and transparent elections.”


Agencies: Altaghyeer

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron demanded that Sudan’s economic return to the world be reinforced by a political return.

In his speech at the Sudan Support Conference in the French capital, Paris, Macron added that the transitional period in Sudan should end “with free and transparent elections, with the aim of forming a civil government.”

On Monday and Tuesday, Paris will host the work of an international conference to help Sudan clear its debts and attract more foreign investment.

Macron announced his country’s support for Sudan’s efforts to return to the international community.

Sudan lived three decades of isolation as a result of the policies of the former regime, which placed Khartoum on numerous sanction lists.

“The current stage is very important in Sudan and the international community is ready to help”, Macron said.

Power in the country is shared by a transitional government consisting of civilians components, military, and armed movements that have signed peace agreements.

The French President praised the peaceful revolution that overthrew the regime of Gen.l Omar al-Bashir.

He criticized the defunct regime, accusing it of “using political Islam to cover its excesses.”

France had announced the provision of support to aid Sudan in the amount of one and a half billion dollars as a bridge loan to pay Sudan’s arrears to the International Monetary Fund.

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