Health Emergencies: Suspension of studies in all universities and schools, mass prayers stopped

The Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies in Sudan announced the suspension of studies in all universities and schools for a month, in addition to stopping mass prayers and rituals in all places of worship, fearing the further spread of the Corona virus.


Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The committee justified the suspension of studies in all universities and schools, as well as mass prayers, as a necessary step to avoid an epidemic explosion, as in India, which it said requires taking more necessary measures to avert the disaster and prevent the spread.

In a statement made Tuesday, the committee decided to oblige everyone to cover their faces in all work sites, markets and public vehicles.

The Health Emergencies committee stressed that everyone found in violation of the health authorities’ directives and requirements, individuals and institutions alike, will be subject to legal action.

The committee also declared the closure of all entry points to arrivals from India, or arrivals from other countries who have been to India during the past 14 days.

It also put emphasis on re-testing all those arriving from Egypt and Ethiopia, and quarantining all those who test positive for COVID 19.

The announcement also decreed the banning of all gatherings, social occasions, public festivities, and general activities held in auditoriums and social clubs.

Noting that the aforementioned activities have contributed greatly to the current spike in the number of infections.

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