Hamdok: All of Sudan’s goals were achieved in Paris’ Conference

Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah Hamdok stated that all of Sudan’s goals were achieved in Paris Conference that took place on Monday and Tuesday, and considered that the conference constitutes Sudan’s return and its full integration into the international development community.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Hamdok, and his high-ranking delegation accompanying him returned to the country on Wednesday evening.

The Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, al-Burhan, participated in France’s conference to support the democratic transition in Sudan, sponsored by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Dr. Abdallah Hamdok has also registered his attendance at the Conference on Financing African Economies.

Response to Conditions

In a press conference at Khartoum Airport, the Prime Minister presented the results and outcomes of the Paris conference, noting that all of Sudan’s goals were achieved in Paris’ international conference.

He told reporters that, in order for Sudan to reach the decision point on debt exemption, it had already fulfilled four conditions for implementing the HIPC initiative for debt relief.

The fifth and final condition on how to deal with the debts of the IMF was met by the intervention of France, which dealt with this condition with a bridge loan.

“By doing so, we have fulfilled all the conditions”, the Prime Minister said.

” By the end of next June, we will have reached the decision point with the HIPC initiative, which we expect to be exempt from about “80%” of the debt, equivalent to “44-46” billion dollars”, he added

Balanced package

On the internal situation and its impact on investment, Hamdok explained that the internal situation is an internal challenge, as the world is very impressed with the Sudanese model and experience.

The biggest challenge however, lies in how to transfer the gains towards creating a better reality.

He denied that all the projects presented at the conference were from war zones, and mentioned that the projects are a balanced package, taking into account their treatment of diverse areas.

 “If our return to the international community was represented in our participation in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, then the Paris Conference in May 2021 constitutes the return of Sudan and its full integration into the international development community”, Hamdok said.

”This is the biggest gift we present to our people in light of this complex transition fraught with many challenges”.

Hamdok added that Paris was and will remain a milestone in light of Sudan’s transition to a solid democracy, its return to the international development community, and the presentation of the image of a new Sudan.

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