Hamdok’s comments fabricated by the Israeli journalist for “Maariv”

The Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok denied that he had made comments regarding Israeli-Sudanese relations, which were cited in various news media, to Israeli newspaper “Maariv”, indicating that the news were fabricated by the Israeli journalist.


Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a press release, on Wednesday evening, that newspapers and websites had published falsified comments attributed to the Prime Minister.

The statements were attributed which they attributed to Israeli newspaper, Maariv, in Paris.

Hamdok’s media office stressed that the statements were “false, fabricated and unfounded”.

The office stated that the Prime Minister spoke in a “joint press conference broadcast on the air and held an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde.”

It affirmed that he “did not speak to any other agencies.”


A reliable source informed “Altaghyeer ” that the Israeli correspondent had pursued the prime minister during the conference and tried to interrogate him several times.

The source, who was part of the delegation accompanying Hamdok, revealed that the prime minister did not respond to the journalists’ attempts.

Thereby confirming that the news was fabricated by the Israeli journalist .

The Israeli newspaper Maariv had published news at on Wednesday that stated that the Sudanese Prime Minister told the Mariv’s  Paris envoy that the normalization process with Israel “will continue regardless”.

Maariv is the second most popular newspaper in Israel.

It is published daily in Hebrew from its headquarters in Tel Aviv, and has a strong right-wing leaning.

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