Specialized Prosecutions in Sudan

Acting Attorney-General of Sudan began his moves to evaluate the Public Prosecution’s performance, by issuing several orders to establish new prosecution offices.

Khartoum: Al Taghyeer

Acting Attorney-General, Mubarak Mahmoud Othman, issued orders on Saturday to establish three specialized prosecution offices.

Last week, the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) accepted Taj as-Sir al-Hibir’s resignation from his position as Attorney-General of Sudan.

The new prosecution office, according to the statement, are: martyrs proceedings and violations prosecution; empowerment dismantling and of public assets recovery prosecution; in addition to the anti-corruption and public funds prosecutionsintegrated.

Changing stereotypes about the Public Prosecution in the popular imagination, as one of the hindrances to justice enforcement, requires great and diligent work in several files simultaneously.

The decision directs the administrative and financial affairs to operationalize it, provided that the established offices begin their work on May 22.

The Sudanese revolution victims redress file, and the establishment of trials for the symbols of the former regime, is one of the largest files awaiting the appointed Attorney General.

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