Prime Minister to South Africa next June

Irrigation and Foreign Affairs Ministers commence West African trip in an effort to explain Sudan's standpoint

A source within the Sudanese government revealed to (Altaghyeer) the details of a campaign that is expected to send the Prime Minister to South Africa next June, and will set Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq and Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Yassir Abbas on a tour of a number of West African states to explain Sudan’s position on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


Altaghyeer: Sarah Taj Alser

The source also stated that the upcoming visit by Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, the Sudanese Prime Minister, to South Africa, next June, will be within the framework of Sudan’s diplomatic moves to reach a fair solution regarding the filling and operating rules.

Sudan, along with Egypt, adheres to the need to reach a binding legal agreement regarding the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, prior to Ethiopia’s intended second filling coming July.

Sudan’s Chief Negotiator: Addis Ababa has “technically” embarked on the second filling of the Renaissance Dam

The chief Sudanese negotiator on the dam issue, Mustafa Hussein, confirmed that Addis Ababa has technically embarked on the second filling likely to be completed in July and Augustwhich he said will create environmental and social impacts on Sudan.

In an exclusive press brief, Hussien stated that they rejected an Ethiopian request to dispatch a representative presiding over opening the gates of the dam to drain between 600 and one billion cubic meters of water, as this would signal Khartoum’s tacit approval of the legitimacy of the second filling, which is what Khartoum objects to.

Hussein ruled out Ethiopia’s signing of a binding agreement on the filling and employment rules, due to its current occupation with elections and the on-going Tigray conflict.

Efforts: International and Regional

Earlier in May, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok discussed with the US Special Jeffrey Feltman, the divergence of views between the positions of Sudan and Ethiopia regarding the unilateral filling of the “Renaissance” dam, and its disadvantages and risks to Sudan.

The Prime Minister also warned of the negative consequences it could have on the relations between the two  countries during their meeting.

The US envoy visited Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia to discuss the Renaissance Dam and the border between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Last April, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, made an African tour to explain Sudan’s position on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which included Kenya, the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

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