Sudan reveals Washington’s mediation outcome on GERD dispute

For the first time, the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs shed light on Washington’s mediation outcome in regards to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) file, explaining that the US played an important role in the negotiations, and that it had resolved technical and legal issues.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi revealed the US contribution in resolving many points of difference concerned with the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

The Sudanese minister stated during a virtual meeting with graduates of the American University in Cairo and Jordan, on Saturday, that Washington’s mediation outcome made progress happen in the negotiations.

This is despite the Ethiopian retreat from what was agreed upon through the American mediation.

Al-Mahdi confirmed that there are still few points related to the legal agreement on filling and operating that require further treatment.

The minister indicated that Sudan is looking forward to reaching a binding legal agreement on filling and operating before the second filling of the GERD.

She pointed out that this Sudanese vision gained great national consensus between the components of the transitional government and the Sudanese public.

The minister also expressed Khartoum’s readiness to negotiate a solution to the issue by peaceful means and under the African Union sponsorship.

She also welcomed the role of international partners as guarantors and facilitators, drawing inspiration from global and African experiences in dealing with trans-boundary rivers.

This was evidenced by the experiences of rivers in the Niger and Senegal.

Forum Members’ Questions

The Sudanese Foreign Minister responded to the forum members’ questions regarding Ethiopian intransigence when it came to negotiations and the initiatives put forward.

The minster pointed out that Ethiopia’s retreat from what was agreed upon was surprising.

At the time, she referred to the great and hoped-for role of the United States in putting political and diplomatic pressure on Ethiopia.

Al-Mahdi also stressed that the political approach to the Renaissance Dam issue was administered by Ethiopia as a result of the internal political situation.

This, according to her, made Sudan seek political pressure to reverse a harmful trend that would plague bilateral relations and common interests.

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