State monitoring Blue Nile levels in anticipation of floods

The governor of the Blue Nile state, Gamal Abdel Hadi, directed to the necessity of coordinating with technical bodies related to meteorology and climate change in monitoring Blue Nile levels in anticipation of the likelihood of a re-occurrence of last year’s flood.

Damazin: AlTaghyeer

Southern Sudan’s Blue Nile state announced a plan to monitor Blue Nile levels as part of a series of proactive plans to ward off disasters.

The Supreme Council of Civil Defense in the state held a meeting on Sunday concerning the council’s plan to establish an emergency room at the state and local levels.

The designated governor of the Blue Nile, Gamal Abdel Hadi, pointed out that it was necessary to follow-up Blue Nile levels at the Rusairis Dam and the Al-Deim border station.

Thereby ensuring the enforcement of requirements and controls related to declaring disaster areas, early warning, and preventive measures.

The meeting dealt with the results of the appointed governor’s participation in the Supreme Council of Civil Defense’s federal level meetings that took place in the capital, Khartoum, recently.

The council also approved the civil defense state joint-plan with its axes concerning the environment, infrastructure and health measures.

The meeting emphasized the importance of immediately starting to prepare detailed plans in the fields of health, engineering, environment and media campaigns, while preparing for their final approval scheduled for next meeting.

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