Fatou Bensouda UN Security Council briefing scheduled for today

Outstanding warrants, the Kushayb case, the Court’s work in Darfur and the ICC prosecutor’s recent visit to Sudan are set to be discussed during the Fatou Bensouda UN Security Council briefing.

AlTaghyeer: UN Security Council

The Fatou Bensouda UN Security Council briefing is expected to brief the council on current developments in the case of The Prosecutor v. Muhammad Ali-Abd-Al-Rahman <<Ali Kushayb>>.

Kushayb, who voluntarily surrendered himself to the ICC last year, has been described by Bensouda as a “willing and energetic perpetrator of crimes” that were committed in Darfur.

Five of Kushayb’s grounds of appeal have been dismissed, and the Pre-Trial Chamber’s decision which found no changed circumstances that would warrant his release from detention, still stands.

Bensouda has stressed during her second visit to Sudan, which is also expected to be addressed during the briefing, on the importance of delivering Ahmed Haroun to the court before July’s end, so that he could be tried alongside Kushayb.

Bensouda had been working on realizing the four remaining outstanding warrants against wanted Sudanese figures complicit in crimes in Darfur.

The four remaining warrants are against Omar Al-Bashir, currently on trial in Khartoum, Ahmed Haroun and Abdel Raheem Hussein, both currently under arrest in Khartoum, and Abdallah Banda Nourain, whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Through video-conference, Bensouda is set to address the council one final time before her departure from her position as ICC prosecutor, which is set to end on June 15.

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