Fatou Bensouda’s Security Council briefing: Haroun desires ICC transfer, Banda a fugitive

Fatou Bensouda’s Security Council briefing – her last as ICC prosecutor – emphasized the urge to deliver Ahmad Haroun to justice to re-join his case with Ali Kushayb’s, discussed reports of Haroun’s wish to be transferred to the ICC, and declared Abdallah Banda Abakaer Norian a fugitive from the court and called him to surrender to the ICC.


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The ICC prosecutor stated that even though the Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman <<Ali Kushayb>> confirmation of charges hearing took place between 24-26 May, there is still a window of opportunity to re-join his case and Ahmed Haroun’s case at trial if the latter is surrendered to the ICC now.

Both Ahmed Haroun and Ali Kushayb were jointly charged with many of the same crimes, but their cases were separated due to Kushayb voluntarily giving himself up to the ICC last year.

Dr. Bensouda emphasized that re-joining the cases would spare the victims from the trauma of having to repeatedly recount the pair’s crimes due to having to appear at court twice for testifying.

Bensouda also stated during her briefing that “reports and other information indicate that Mr Haroun has expressed his wish to be transferred to the Court (ICC)”.

She implored the UN Security Council to prevail upon Sudan in honoring Ahmed Haroun’s wish immediately and expedite his transfer to the ICC “without delay”.

The briefing then declared Abdallah Banda Abakaer Norain a fugitive from the court, and demanded his immediate surrender to the ICC.

The government of Sudan was also asked to cooperate with the prosecutor office’s investigations, and provide the office with unhindered access to its territory, relevant records, and ensure protection for witnesses.

Fatou Bensouda’s Security Council briefing ended with a few final notes, thanking the court for recognizing her and her team’s work, and promising that the work of the office of the prosecutor will continue.

Bensouda also apologized for any shortcomings that may have hindered her work, assuring that they were never the result of inaction.

“.Where I may have fallen short, I can assure you, it was not for lack of trying”

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