Sudan: 9 concession agreements for mining signed

On Thursday, Sudan signed “9” concession agreements for gold and copper mining with national and foreign companies. The Ministry of Minerals confirmed that its strategy aims to simplify procedures for investors, give companies incentive, and encourage modern mining.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Thursday in Sudan saw the Ministry of Minerals signing“9” concession agreements for gold and copper mining with a number of national and foreign companies.

The ceremony took place at the ministry’s headquarters in Khartoum.

In presence were the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, Minister of Minerals Mohamed Bashir Abdullah, two undersecretaries from Ministry of Minerals, the director of the Geological Research Authority, the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources, the director of Sudamin Company and representatives of the signatory companies.

The agreements were signed by “8” companies, including “4” national and “4” foreign.

The companies signed agreements permitting excavation and mining in the northern state, the Red Sea state, and West Kordofan.

Words from the Ministers

Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, addressing the occasion, called for the expansion of mineral production and associated industries, and emphasized on attracting more companies to invest.

He urged geological research to provide modern geological maps, and stressed the importance of conducting necessary research and exploration and utilizing latest technologies.

The finance minister pointed out that private mining covered 14 out of 18 states, and stressed the need to hand over lands to investors without any obstacles.

Dr. Ibrahim praised the the Ministry of Minerals’ efforts, donating a two months’ salary to its workers to motivate them.

For his part, Minister of Minerals Mohamed Bashir Abdullah affirmed that the ministry encourages modern mining and investment in all fields of minerals.

Abdullah mentioned that gold production is the primary economic activity, and supplies the public treasury with foreign currencies.

The minister announced that the process of amending the mineral wealth law to keep pace with the expansion of mining in the country is currently ongoing.

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