Sudanese national team reaches Arab Cup finals after beating Libya

The Sudanese National Football Team reached the Arab Cup finals after defeating the Libyan team 1-0 Saturday evening in Doha, Qatar.


Khartoum: Abdullah B’rer

Sudan’s only goal was scored by Mohammed Abdul Rahman during the 15th minute of the game.

The match was held at the Khalifa bin Hamad stadium at the Qatari capital, Doha, with both sides’ supporters cheering from the stands.

The Sudanese national team thereby has guaranteed a spot in the Arab Cup finals along both Egypt and Algeria in group 4; a group that is currently awaiting the outcome of the Lebanon—Djibouti match to reveal its full shape.

Match Recap

The match saw both sides competing for dominance and possession throughout both halves, with the Sudanese side appearing marginally threatening.

The Sudanese team assumed the attacking position from the get-go, with Seif Terry and Sharaf al-Din Shaiboub both missing crucial chances.

The first half saw the Libyan team put extra emphasis on defense amidst the Sudanese team’s unrelenting attack.

The Sudanese team managed to find a crack within the Libyan defenses during the game’s 15th minute, with Seif Terry drawing a penalty and Mohammed Abdul-Rahman (Ghirbal) successfully converting it from the spot.

The Libyan side trailing by one goal drove the Spanish coach Clemente to make a number of substitutions.

His adjustments proved crucial in providing the Libyan side with midfield dominance.

Hubert Velud, the Sudanese coach, reacted accordingly by sending in Dhia al-Din Mahjoub and Yassin Hamed to revitalize performance.

This proved to be a wise step by the coach as the Sudanese side experienced an awakening, breaking Libya’s midfield siege through smart positioning and off-the-ball movement.

The Libyan side missed guaranteed scoring opportunities through their attacks’ indecisiveness and the Sudanese keepers’ remarkable outing.

The the Libyan side nearly equalized when they slipped in a low-cross that found a teammate within the Sudanese team’s danger-box, but only their effort only managed to bounce off the woodwork.

The dying embers of the game saw the Sudanese side reclaim dominance, with the national team’s player carrying the game to its end in a calm and collected demeanor accompanied by cheers from the stands.

Crowd Support

Both teams had supporters present at the stands, who kept cheering on for both sides throughout the entire match.

The Sudanese side was accompanied by 14,000 spectators who were accommodated with due consideration to the COVID-19 safety measures.

The Sudanese national team rejoiced with its supporters after the final whistle, and the Libyan side was showered with praise from its own supporters despite having just exited the qualifying round.

Sudan has now become the first nation to advance to the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Doha finals.

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